What To Expect When An Engineer Comes To Visit

If any of your kitchen appliances have broken down, Domex can help get you back up and running. Watch our video below to see what to expect when an engineer comes to visit.

Book an appointment

First, you will need to book your appointment. You can do this by giving us a call on 020 3124 1872 or, if you would prefer, you can get an instant quote for your repair online.

Your engineer will get in touch

On the day of your appointment, you will receive a call up to 30 minutes before your engineer is due to arrive. This should give you enough time to prepare.

Your engineer will arrive

On arrival, our engineer will show you their ID and put on cover shoes, ensuring your home is protected.

Your engineer will start work

With cover shoes on, our engineer will get to work. We will always aim to complete the repair in one trip and, once the appliance has been fixed, we will carry out necessary safety checks.

Job completion

Once your appliance has been repaired, you will receive an eService receipt from us to confirm that the job has been completed.

We are always looking to make our appliance repair as simple as possible for our customers, so if you would like to offer any feedback regarding our engineer’s visit, you can let us know via our Customer Survey.