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Kitchen Appliance Safety
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Why You Should Register Your Appliances

Though it’s easy to assume it won’t happen in your home, roughly 60 appliance fires occur in UK kitchens every week. Between 2017 and 2018, over 16,000 appliance fires were recorded by the government. While this is markedly lower than the 19,000 fires that occurred between 2010 and 2011, it’s still an alarming number of incidents which, if quick action wasn’t taken, could have proven fatal.

There is a way to combat this, however; thanks to www.registermyappliance.org.uk, you can now register your white goods to get updates on recalls and free safety repairs when issue are found with models after they have been released to market. Take a look at our helpful guide on how to find your appliance model and serial number.

Register your appliances – the benefits

Created by the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances, the Register My Appliance website makes it easy to keep your kitchen safe. When you register any of your household appliances, you can get the following benefits:

  • You receive updates on repairs and recalls as soon as they’re released, meaning that as soon as your appliance is deemed dangerous – you’ll know.
  • You could possibly receive an extended warranty or guarantee period, simply for registering your appliance.
  • You can also receive updates on the potential for upgrading your appliances, keeping your kitchen ahead of the curve.

Despite what you might think, registering new appliances isn’t the only option – you can still register older or second-hand appliances for the majority of manufacturers to see the benefits listed above. So, if you’re worried about your washing machine that’s a couple of years old, don’t worry!

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Current recalls and issues

In 2018, there were a couple of key recalls that are worth taking note of. Firstly, Whirlpool’s branded stainless steel, built-in gas hobs with the model number AKM 274/IX has issues concerning the operation of the gas burner in the front left corner of the appliance. As a precautionary measure, consumers who own these products are advised not to use the burner in the front left corner until it has been modified by a Whirlpool engineer.

Secondly, Whirlpool announced another safety campaign for KitchenAid 1.7 Litre Electric Kettles. This is because Whirlpool believes the handle of the KitchenAid kettle can, in rare circumstances, separate from the upper attachment points of the kettle’s body and become unstable.

If you own either of the above appliances and are worried, simply contact Whirlpool’s Consumer Care Centre on 00800 552 2777.

It’s worth noting that white goods such as tumble dryers and washing machines tend to be the worst offenders when it comes to appliance fires, given their high wattage, friction and motors. As such, these should be a priority when it comes to checking for recalls and repairs.

What should I do if my appliance in on fire

If the worst case scenario becomes a reality, it’s always best to be prepared for it. Here are the important steps to take if any of your appliances catch fire:

  • Disconnect the appliance from the power source, if possible.
  • Use only an electrical fire extinguisher (CO2 extinguisher).
  • Use a fire blanket or thick, non-flammable blanket to smother the oxygen source
  • Call the fire brigade if you feel uncomfortable or at risk dealing with the fire
  • When there is too much fire and smoke, be sure to evacuate the building. Don’t put yourself at risk trying to save your home.

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