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If your kitchen appliance is faulty and in need of maintenance or repairs and you’re based in or around Croydon – simply contact the team at Domex today. With more than 70 on-call engineers working throughout the area, you can be sure of a fast response to any problem.


Kitchen appliances we repair for customers in Croydon

We repair kitchen appliances such as:


Book an appointment at a time to suit you

Our customers are very much at the heart of what we do so we can provide convenient evening and weekend appointments to fit around you and your family. All our engineers are fully qualified and highly trained to ensure safe, reliable and effective solutions to any problem, and thanks to our competitive and transparent pricing, we’re affordable too!

You can also manage your appliance repair appointment with us using the My Repair section of our website, all you need is your job number and post code to log in. You can see which of our engineers are booked in to visit you and whether they are on their way to you. Our engineers will also contact you up to 30 minutes before your appointment so you don’t have to sit at home all day waiting.


Rely on expert washing machine repairs in Croydon

Appliance repairs in Guildford

When it comes to doing laundry, washing machines are an invaluable part of our lives. Fresh smelling and clean clothes are the ultimate result of using this appliance. But what happens when your washing machine stops working or doesn’t function optimally? You may get an error code on the display screen that could indicate that something big or small is wrong. As a result, you may find that you are experiencing some common washing machine problems. Examples of these include:

  • A blocked washing machine pump
  • Drum and spinning faults
  • Heating problems, or 
  • Broken drive belts, among other things.

Either of these issues could lead to either a sub-optimally functioning washing machine or to a machine that has stopped working altogether. This can lead to improper laundry washing, dirty and smelly clothes or piles of clothes that can’t be washed whatsoever. But why get frustrated and exasperated when this happens? Why not call in the professionals for a fast and convenient solution to the problem? 

This is where the help of the appliance engineers comes in. And we deliver. With our professional service that could take as little as one visit, our washing machine repairs in Croydon will leave you satisfied and give you peace of mind. You can also greatly benefit from our 12-month guarantee on parts that we fit and on the repairs carried out by our qualified technicians.


Revive your oven with expert oven repairs in Croydon

Cooker installation icon

We all need and use our kitchen appliances on a daily basis and ovens and cookers are just some of these. Helping with the preparation of food, we all know that everything comes to a standstill when either one is not working. There are numerous likely causes of this and these can include issues with the wiring and cabling and more. However, life doesn’t have to stop and you can continue preparing your delicious meals in your oven with quality oven repairs in Croydon. All you need to do is get in touch with us and tell us about the problem you’re facing and we’ll make sure to send out an expert to your home as quickly as possible. You can rely on a fast and efficient service that takes all the hassle out of trying to solve the problem on your own, which could be dangerous.

But cookers are no different! Also used in the daily preparation of food, you need to be sure that they’re functioning optimally and that they’re safe to use. Rely on our trusted cooker repairs in Croydon for an effective and top quality industry standard service.


Enjoy thorough dishwasher repairs in Croydon

Red dishwasher installation icon

Grime. Food remnants. Greasy stains. These are just some of the results of a dishwasher that doesn’t work properly. But apart from minor malfunctions, it’s also possible that your dishwasher is facing some major problems and needs a professional look to identify and troubleshoot them. Yes, depending on your dishwasher’s model and make, you can look at the error displayed on the screen in your owner’s manual to figure out where the fault may lie. But that doesn’t mean that you can repair it yourself and you shouldn’t have to. Our trusted professionals not only have years of experience in dealing with all sorts of dishwasher models but they’re also quick and efficient as well. This is something that we have statistically proven: most of our services related to dishwasher repairs in Croydon deal with the issue immediately and once-off. While there may be cases where a follow-up visit is required, our experienced professionals ensure that they bring all the necessary tools and parts along with them so that you are never stuck with dirty dishes or a malfunctioning appliance again.


Trust the pros with your fridge repairs in Croydon

Refrigerators are among the most complex appliances in your kitchen since their main purpose is to keep your food preserved and fresh. However, with the sheer variety and complexity of refrigerators, and unless you’re a trained refrigeration engineer, the chances are high that you won’t be able to resolve the issue yourself. This is where you can rely on experienced appliance engineers for your refrigerator repairs in Croydon. With a strong emphasis on quality, our technicians will ensure your fridge is fully operational with minimal disruption.

Fridge freezers are not different. Although they serve a different function to refrigerators by using much lower temperatures, their complexity levels and the mechanics behind what keeps them working are similar. In either case, the fridge freezers also serve a primary function in your household and when they don’t work, things can get problematic. But this doesn’t mean you need to let food go bad while you wait for the repair professional to arrive. You can rely on quick and efficient fridge freezer repairs in Croydon. Our technicians will typically need only one visit to identify and resolve the problem, since they bring a variety of spare parts with them.


Let our pros deal with your tumble dryer repairs in Croydon

Tumble dryer icon

Is your tumble dryer too noisy? Is it not spinning properly? Is it leaving clothes wet or damp and not doing what it’s supposed to do? Then it might be time to call in the pros. Choose our professional service for your tumble dryer repairs in Croydon as our technicians are well equipped to handle any make or model and practically any type of malfunction. The pros will call you up to 30 minutes before arriving and you can rest assured that they will do their best to ensure that your tumble dryer’s problem is resolved in one go. If a follow up visit is required, you’ll be notified. However, our professionals strive to ensure that each visit to a client’s home is as effective as possible, giving you the results that you are looking for.


Book your repair online or call us today

Whether it’s malfunctioning or broken, we can fix it! We’re proud of our reputation as an industry-standard leader in the appliance repair sector and we’re always ready to assist you. Schedule your appliance repairs in Croydon with us by giving us a call or making an online booking. We’re ready to be of service to you!

So whether you have a faulty kitchen appliance in need of repair or you simply need a new appliance expertly installed, our team are just a phone call away. Call now on 0330 210 2100 or book an appointment online today.

Why Choose Domex Appliance Services?

Fast, Reliable Service

We offer same-day and next day visits. With our outstanding first-time fix rate, 4 out of 5 repairs only need one visit.

Great Value

We quote diagnostic and repair fees separately. You only pay the repair fee if we fix your appliance. If we can’t, you just pay for the diagnostic.

You Are in Control

Choose the day and time for us to visit, and we will send you a 3 hour window when our engineer is due to arrive.
20+years ofexperience

We Are Experts

We know appliances and how to repair them. This is why we are trusted by most major manufacturers to be their service partner.


You get an industry leading 12 months guarantee on your repair including any electrical / mechanical (non-cosmetic) parts we fit.


Our experienced engineers are DBS (CRB) checked, trained comprehensively. We have awesome reviews, incredible service scores and multiple awards!
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