About Us

If you’ve experienced problems with your kitchen appliances, you’ll be familiar with the excellent work our engineers carry out. But you’re more than just part of our story, you’re part of our family.

Before Domex, Rado and I worked as engineers for a local company, but we always felt like we could do better. So, in 2003, we set up on our own. Although we were based in my living room to start with, thanks to early success, we quickly got ourselves an office – and a warehouse, too. From there, things just went from strength to strength.

Over the past years, we’ve moved offices around quite a bit, operating from several different Central London addresses before moving to Epsom in 2018. We now have a 50-strong team of engineers, all of whom share our passion. Together, over 90 of us, we’re the Domex family.

Given that we all spend a great deal of time at work, it was really important for us to create a light, modern office space where employees and visitors alike enjoyed spending their time. If you’re feeling nosey, why not take a look at our ‘About us’ video?

The longstanding friendship between Rado and I has been instrumental to the success of our business which is why, when it came to building our team, we wanted to create an extension of that. Our employees are our family – our customers, too. And of course, as part of our family, we protect our customers, which is why we’re Gas Safe and F-Gas registered.

As a team, we all share the same core values, one of which is a commitment to excellence. It’s in our 500 sq.ft Training Centre where our engineers’ training starts and where they learn from each other and grow – we’re not driven by numbers, we’re driven by curiosity. As a result, we’ve picked up a number of awards and accolades over the years; we’ve won a Total Excellence and Quality Award three times, and a Best Whirlpool Service Centre Award, too.

However, a team doesn’t achieve excellence overnight, which is why we’re wholly committed to training new starters. All that we ask is you have a desire to learn, respect your team and wear the Domex badge with pride.

Our striving for excellence and our commitment to our customers is what has defined our family over the past 16 years – and it’s these values which we will do our utmost to retain moving forward.