SMEG Oven Symbol Guide

Symbol Description What it does
Smeg ECO oven symbol ECO

Simply the word “eco” in capital letters

Utilises the grill, fan and bottom element, allowing for the cooking of smaller items of food.

Smeg pizza function oven symbol Pizza Function

A simple oval shape with small dots, symbolising a pizza or cookie

This function uses all aspects of the oven, creating optimum cooking conditions for pizzas, cookies, quiches and other items.

Smeg oven top and bottom element only symbol Top and Bottom Element Only

Two short, arcing lines, one at the top and one at the bottom

Using both the top and bottom elements, this function cooks items which sit in the centre of the oven best. Best suited to roasting meats or baking cakes and bread.

Smeg grill element oven symbol Grill Element

An arced line of dashes at the top

Perfect for quick cooking or browning. Smaller items can be placed higher, while larger items should be placed lower down.

Smeg bottom heating element only oven symbol Bottom Heating Element Only

Arcing line at the bottom

Using the lower element, this function is best suited for foods which need more temperature at the base such as pastry and pizzas. This will avoid rapid browning of foods and can be used for slow cooking.

Smeg top heating element only oven symbol Top Heating Element Only

Arcing line at the top

Utilising only the upper element, this function helps with the browning of dishes such as those topped with cheese or potatoes.

Smeg half grill oven symbol Half Grill

Three dashes at the top, forming a short arc

Perfect for the swift browning of dishes, as with the full grill, smaller items should be higher, while large dishes should be placed lower down.

Smeg top element and grill oven symbol Top Element and Grill

A solid arcing line with a dashed line following the same arc underneath

Food can be cooked extremely quickly using both the top element and the grill.

Smeg circulaire with top and bottom elements oven symbol Circulaire With Top and Bottom Elements

A fan symbol in a circle, with arced lined at the top and bottom outside the circle

By moving the heat from both elements around with the fan, this function provides penetrating cooking, particularly useful for meats.

Smeg fan with grill oven symbol Fan With Grill

Fan symbol with an arc of dashes at the top

Lessening the harsh impact of the grill via the fan, fan assisted grilling is perfect for grilling items slowly with even results.

Smeg fan with half grill oven symbol Fan With Half Grill

Fan symbol with half an arc of dashes at the top

Functions similarly to the normal fan assisted grill, but this half grill setting suits smaller food items.

Smeg snowflake - no heating possible oven symbol Snowflake

A snowflake symbol with three water droplets beneath

This function means no heat can be produced in the oven even if the thermostat is turned up.

Smeg fan oven symbol Fan

A singular fan symbol

This functions similarly to the snowflake function, but only when the thermostat is at zero.

Smeg fan with top and bottom elements oven symbol Fan With Top And Bottom Elements

A single fan symbol with an upper and lower arc

Utilises the fan with combined elements, but preheating the oven is still required.

Smeg circulaire oven icon Circulaire

A single fan inside a circle

Combining the fan with the circular element, this function needs no preheating and can cook multiple foods at the same time without flavour transfer.

Smeg circulaire with bottom element Circulaire With Bottom Element

A fan inside a circle, with an arc underneath

This function adds the lower element to the circular element, creating an excellent temperature for cooking anything with a base.

Smeg fan with bottom element/circogas oven symbol Fan With Bottom Element/Circogas

A fan symbol with an arc beneath

For electric ovens this function ensures more thorough cooking in the inside of food. For gas ovens it gives and even cook without flavour transferal.

Smeg pyrolitic oven symbol Pyrolitic

A large, capital letter ‘P’

This function provides cleaning at 500℃ to tackle dirt and build ups.

Smeg rotisserie oven symbol Rotisserie

A through line with a small arc at either end

If you have a rotisserie, this will work with your grill to cook and brown foods.

Smeg rotisserie with half grill oven symbol Rotisserie With Half Grill

Through line and small arcs at the ends with three dashes in an arc above

This provides the same function as the normal rotisserie with a half grill setting.

Smeg rotisserie with full grill symbol Rotisserie With Full Grill

Through line and small arcs at the ends with full arc of dashes above

Allows the rotisserie function to be used with a full grill setting.

Smeg rotisserie With top element and grill icon Rotisserie With Top Element And Grill

Through line and small arcs at the ends with full arc of dashes above and a full arc line on top

Allows the rotisserie function to be used for rapid food cooking.

Smeg eco circulaire symbol Eco Circulaire

A fan inside a circle with the word “Eco” above

Works the same as the normal circulaire function but some models will have a more energy efficient function.

Smeg vapor clean with bottom element symbol Vapor Clean With Bottom Element

Five Water Droplets

Requiring you to spray a small mixture of water and detergent into the oven, the lower element will work with vapour clean to clean the oven.