electric ovenElectric cookers can take longer to heat up than gas. That said, for those with a fanned oven, preheating and cooking times will be much faster and the temperature is evenly distributed throughout the appliance. As the air circulates throughout the cooker, you are able to rustle up several strong-flavoured recipes without the flavours transferring from dish to dish.

Depending on your preferences and budget, there are three different hob types available for electric cookers:

  • Solid plate (simple and affordable)
  • Ceramic (excellent balance between safety, performance and cost)
  • Induction (state-of-the-art cooking technology which gives precise control over the hob)


Electric cookers must be within easy reach of a suitable power socket and should be installed by a qualified electrician. It is also important to note that the electric supply must be checked as varying cooker designs, such as induction or ceramic, may need a different electric supply.

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