features temperatureWhile you essentially only need your fridge freezer to chill and freeze, there are actually plenty of other features on offer depending on how much you want to get out of your appliance.

Flexibility & Practicality

Most fridge freezers will have adjustable spaces so that you can organise your shelves to suit your needs. By moving fridge shelves you can fit larger items or stand up any taller items, ensuring you have the space for the things you need to keep fresh. Check out the door storage too, this can sometimes be adjusted and you can plan out how you’ll keep smaller items such as jar along with your large items without wasting space. If you can adapt the space around your needs it might be worth the extra cost. Other practical features include the ability to remove glass shelves, which stopp liquids falling to the bottom of the unit, allowing you to clean them easily.

Transparent chiller compartments also allow you to see what ingredients you’ve got and the same goes for your freezer shelves – good for a quick peek to avoid disturbing foods or having to keep the door open too long.

Lighting & Controls

Many fridge freezers now use an LED or LCD display to let you know the temperature and overall status of the appliance, the touch controls also make it easy to keep the optimum temperature from outside. The same energy efficient technology is also used inside with LED lighting offering even better illumination than standard lighting.