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Tumble Dryer Repair

Your reliable tumble dryer repairs in West Berkshire

Your tumble dryer is a hard working appliance in your home. And with the more recent models, they are energy efficient, eco-friendly and some even have anti-crease technology while being ultra quiet. These appliances do a lot of work for you but like any appliance, it can happen that with wear and tear, they may start malfunctioning or even completely break down. The chances are that you’ll see a fault code on your tumble dryer but not know whether it’s related to wiring issues, the drum not spinning, a fault with the filter or something to do with the pump. This is where you need professional tumble dryer repairs in West Berkshire that you can count on. And we at Domex can help. 

When you reach out to us for your domestic appliance repairs in West Berkshire, you are choosing a trusted household name in the industry. Having provided local appliance repairs for over 20 years, our trusted and reliable engineers truly know how to handle all makes and models of tumble dryers to ensure you get accurate diagnostics and a quality repair job. In fact, with over 40 brands in our portfolio, our engineers have really seen and done it all.

Choosing us as your appliance repair service provider for your tumble dryer repairs means you get a quality, efficient and professional service. We provide a 12-month guarantee on the fault repaired and/or spare parts fitted so that you can enjoy an extended longevity and restored functionality of your tumble dryer once again.

Apart from our 12-month guarantee, you also get an engineer who arrives fully prepared for the job at hand as their vans are stocked with all the spare parts needed to ensure that all follow up visits are kept to an absolute minimum.


Your multi-award-winning appliance repairs in West Berkshire are now just a quick phone call away. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us to book your service by filling out a short online form on our website. We offer same-day and next-day services for emergency repairs. But you can also take advantage of our other time slots that are available to you from Mondays through Saturdays.

Your Domex engineer will be sure to give you a call up to 30 minutes before their appointment with you to ensure that you don’t waste your time. In addition, they’ll attend to accurate diagnostics and quality repairs so that you can enjoy greater peace of mind in the longevity of your appliance.

No one understands better than us how frustrating it is for your tumble dryer’s lights to start flashing, the drum stops spinning and you are left with sopping wet clothes when they should be dry. However, when you book your tumble dryer repair service with us, this will be a hassle you’ll quickly forget about. That’s because we put you at the centre of our service and ensure you get the most comprehensive repairs possible.


Choose quality for your tumble dryer repairs in Newbury

Modern households rely on tumble dryers to get clothes dry quickly and efficiently and often, with no creases in the clothes. But when your tumble dryer starts malfunctioning, you have a problem on your hands. This problem can easily be resolved when you book Domex for your tumble dryer repairs in Newbury. Our service is characterised by high quality and professionalism. And this is nowhere better attested to than through our 12-month guarantee on the fault repaired and/or spare parts fitted.

When talking about spare parts, you may be worried that they may take a long time to order and then arrive. But you can rest assured that your Domex engineer will come fully equipped in a van that contains all the necessary spare parts possible to carry out thorough diagnostics and repairs. Your Domex engineer will also call you up to 30 minutes before arriving to ensure your time isn’t wasted. And what’s more, they will strive to complete the repair job in as little as one visit as we try our hardest to ensure that follow up visits are kept to an absolute minimum to ensure we don’t inconvenience you.

Our multi-award-winning service is something we take great pride in and we are also highly thankful to all our customers for putting their trust in us when it comes to their appliance repairs. There are over 2,000 of our customers who have rated our service as exceptional on Trustpilot as a testament to our commitment to providing high quality repairs.


Qualified and experienced engineers for your tumble dryer repairs in Thatcham

Often, tumble dryers work exceptionally well just like a well-oiled machine. As they should. But sometimes, these appliances that we rely on so much can stop working or start malfunctioning, leaving us with a challenge on our hands as to how to address the issue. If you are not someone who is familiar with tumble dryer error codes or electric wiring, leave your tumble dryer repairs in Thatcham to the professionals. 

Our experienced engineers at Domex go through intensive and rigorous internal training that surpasses the industry standards for quality. This makes us an Approved Service Partner to multiple global appliance manufacturers and brands. In fact, with over 40 brands in our portfolio, there is hardly a tumble dryer error we haven’t seen and resolved successfully.

Get in touch with us to book your professional service carried out by qualified and experienced engineers and to enjoy a 12-month guarantee on the fault repaired and/or spare parts fitted. Your engineer will arrive for their appointment in a fully equipped van that has all the spare parts they need to carry out a thorough job and to ensure that all follow up visits are kept to a minimum. You can always count on Domex for exceptional quality service and professionalism.


A meticulous service for your tumble dryer repairs in Donnington

Choosing the right appliance repair service provider can sometimes prove to be quite a challenge. Especially when it comes to your tumble dryer. There are some who claim to offer guarantees while others claim to be professionals. However, there is hardly anyone in the industry who offers a 12-month guarantee on the fault repaired and/or spare parts fitted or who can claim that their engineers’ training surpasses the industry’s quality standards. But we at Domex can.

When you book your engineer for your tumble dryer repairs in Donnington, you are choosing a multi-award-winning appliance repair service provider with over 20 years of industry experience. With over 40 brands in our portfolio, our engineers have also worked on so many appliances that they are experts at repairing practically any problem that your tumble dryer might have.

Whether your tumble dryer is old or a more modern version, our engineers are capable of handling accurate diagnostics and professional troubleshooting to ensure you can enjoy an extended longevity of your appliance and its restored functionality.

Get in touch with us for your appliance repairs in West Berkshire by giving us a call or by booking through the online form on our website. Our experienced and friendly team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have and to provide you with an exceptional service.

Why Choose Domex Appliance Services?

Fast, Reliable Service

We offer same-day and next day visits. With our outstanding first-time fix rate, 4 out of 5 repairs only need one visit.

Great Value

We quote diagnostic and repair fees separately. You only pay the repair fee if we fix your appliance. If we can’t, you just pay for the diagnostic.

You Are in Control

Choose the day and time for us to visit, and we will send you a 3 hour window when our engineer is due to arrive.
20+years ofexperience

We Are Experts

We know appliances and how to repair them. This is why we are trusted by most major manufacturers to be their service partner.


You get an industry leading 12 months guarantee on your repair including any electrical / mechanical (non-cosmetic) parts we fit.


Our experienced engineers are DBS (CRB) checked, trained comprehensively. We have awesome reviews, incredible service scores and multiple awards!

Flexible appointment slots for tumble dryer repairs

With three-hour and even weekend repair slots available, you’ll never miss a visit. We will even call you up to 30 minutes before arriving and you can track the status of your repair on our website 24/7.

Domex offers a 1-year guarantee on all parts and labour, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today. Call us or book online for tumble dryer repairs.

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