Washing Machine Water Problems (FAQ)

washing machine water problems infographic

Washing machines are taken for granted a lot these days, but they’re essential to the daily running of any household – without them we’d spend a lot more time doing the laundry!

There are several common problems people come across with their washing machines, but to help you combat these issues, we’ve got a few tips for you to try before calling out a professional washing machine repair company.

My washing machine isn’t filling with water

If you start your washing machine on a cycle and it doesn’t fill with water, you will either see an error code on your digital display or, if you don’t have a digital display, you’ll hear your machine make a continuous humming noise. For anything out of the ordinary like this regarding the water supply, you can try one of a few things:

  1. Check the water supply to the machine is turned on. This is often as simple as turning a knob at the back of the machine at one end of the pipe.
  2. If there is still no water getting through, turn the supply off, detach the hose and run it into an empty bucket or the sink to help clear the pipe.
  3. While you have the hose detached, check for kinks in the pipework as this can prevent water getting through when it has been cramped up behind your units.


My washing machine isn’t draining water

Another common issue for washing machines is the water not draining away properly. This issue usually concerns your drain pipe, which can be connected to one of two different exit points depending on the model.

  • If connected to a standpipe (a short pipe running vertically up the wall with an open top) then ensure you haven’t put the washing machine pipe too far down it. Hooks can be purchased to hold the pipe at a certain depth, with different manufacturers recommending different depths.
  • If connected under a sink to a spigot, ensure the pipe is held up as high as possible and that it is connected properly. Again, hooks can be placed against the inner wall of your cabinet to elevate the piping.

How do I unblock my washing machine pump filter?

If your washing machine seems to take longer than normal to complete a cycle, or if the drum still contains water at the end making your clothes soggy, you can try to clean the machine’s pump filter using the following steps:

  1. Carefully remove the plinth at the bottom of the washing machine
  2. Place a towel under the filter cap along with something to catch excess water
  3. Unscrew and remove the filter from the machine and let the water out
  4. Remove any debris from the filter or where it sits in the machine
  5. Coins, pins, bra wires and other items can all be caught in this area
  6. Once cleared, put the filter back in and replace the plinth


If these quick tips don’t help to rectify your washing machine issues, or if you’re not confident in tackling these issues yourself, simply contact us at Domex today. Our professional engineers operate throughout London to provide dedicated repairs for any make or model of washing machine.

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