Upgrade Your Household Chores

We all want the best for our home, but household chores can be a real pain. Over the years our appliances have helped make life easier and easier, but technology is still advancing and new innovations come along all the time.

Check out some of the ways you can upgrade your appliances and upgrade the way you do your chores.


Washing Machines – Hygienic Washing Cycle

By now you’ll have heard about how bacteria accumulates in your washing machine, but we don’t seem to worry too much about giving our washing machines a clean the same way we do our surfaces. Now there is such a thing as a self-cleaning cycle – allowing your machine to sterilise itself, getting rid of nasty smells and odours.

With a clean washing machine, you know your clothes will be getting the best wash. This is especially important for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin who can break out in rashes easily.


Ovens – Warmer Drawers

Warmer drawers in combination with ovens have been around for a while now, but are becoming more and more common. Whether you want to keep meat warm while you serve up the other items first, or your want to take the chill off of plates before serving onto them, this drawer can be a lifesaver.

Going one step further, some warmer drawers now double up as a slow cooker, giving you additional cooking options without worrying about leaving the oven unattended all day.


Hob Tops – Induction Hobs

Another cooking addition, induction hobs are fairly new to the market and many people aren’t aware of the benefits they bring to preparing a meal. Using coils to create a magnetic field rather than the usual ceramic hob method, the induction hob offers greater control over cooking temperatures, cooling and heating at a moment’s notice.

The one thing you need to keep in mind is that your pans need to be made from ferrous metal to ensure the heat is transferred to the pan.


Dishwashers – Mini Built-in Dishwashers

Washing up after cooking is one of the biggest chores we face. Dishwashers have a gone a long way towards tackling this but unless you have a house full of people to cater for, most conventional appliances are too large for your needs. Now you can find mini dishwashers which can be built into your kitchen to suit your space. Have it placed low to the ground or halfway up your wall, wherever you place it you’ll be able to wash small loads of plates, bowls, mugs and utensils.

A smaller appliance is ideal for small households, saving money on the water and the electricity bills while still removing the chore of washing up.


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