Tumble Dryer Condenser Troubleshooting

If you have a condenser tumble dryer then you will no doubt have noticed the amount of fluff and lint which collects on the filter. This filter sits somewhere inside the door or rim of the drum and is easy to remove to clean. Cleaning this is a sure fire way to keep your dryer working at its optimum, but you might find that, despite regular cleaning, there is still something amiss with your dryer.

Identifying issues with a tumble dryer condenser

tumble dryer condenserYou’ll know if you have a problem with the condenser unit on your machine because the items you place inside never seem to dry, or, alternatively, the clothes inside are drying but only after having the machine on for far longer than it needs to be.

The most common reason for this is because the condenser has become blocked, much like your filter. Getting rid of this blockage is often the simplest and easiest way of getting your tumble dryer condenser to work properly again.

How to clean a tumble dryer condenser

There are obviously a whole host of makes and models out there on the market, so no one approach fits all, but this guide should give you the basic steps for maintaining the condenser of your tumble dryer:

Step 1 – Remove the plinth at the bottom of the tumble dryer on the front, or lower the flap if there is a section sat on hinges at the very bottom. Once lowered or removed, you will then be able to see where the condenser unit sits.

Step 2 – Regularly empty out all of the excess water which collects in the condenser unit. This is an ongoing task, with the emptying becoming more regular the more often you use the tumble dryer. Simply slide the condenser out of the slot and empty the water into a sink. Replace the empty condenser and you’re tumble dryer will be ready to use once more.

Step 3 – To clean the condenser, simply take a look inside it when you’ve taken it out to find all the fluff and lint which has collected. You can try to remove this by hand but it’s recommended you rinse the condenser in your sink to wash away all of the offending fluff.

Step 4 – Once all of the fluff and debris is removed, simply return the condenser to the slot. Once this has been put back and has clicked into place, you should then return the plinth panel or close the flap which covers this area.


If your tumble dryer condenser is causing you problems, or if you’re unsure about whether cleaning it has fixed the problem, simply contact Domex today. We have engineers working throughout London to repair any make and model of tumble dryer.

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