Kitchen Trends Winter 2014

The approach to kitchen design is constantly changing and each season there are new trends that emerge and completely change the way that kitchens across Britain look.
At Domex, as specialists in appliance repair, we are lucky to deal with customers that have utilised some beautiful kitchen designs and we see the full spectrum of design. With that being said, we’ve come up with a low-down of the trends that we expect to be huge in Winter 2014 — so you can get ahead of the curve if you’re thinking of a new kitchen.

The Country Kitchen

Countryside inspired kitchens are one of them design trends that has been around for a while, and we predict that it will be huge this winter.
Shabby Chic has relied pretty heavily on the vintage trends that have emerged in fashion.
The Country kitchen will utilise heavy, wooden cupboard doors with bevel finishes and chalk-like paint that is sanded to add character to the finish.

Use of light colours helps create a light and airy feel to the kitchen and the light tones can be complemented perfectly with black features (such as the fruit basket in this picture).

We love how homely this style of kitchen is and that it doesn’t need to be kept meticulously tidy all of the time, the clutter actually adds to the charming effect.

Range cookers add a countrified look to the kitchen, perfect for that homely Sunday lunch!

Modern, monochrome kitchen

Smooth lines and the contrast of white cupboards and black kitchen surfaces make up the monochrome trend.

The kitchen pictured makes use of a large, feature rich cooker as a focal point of the room and adds another dimension to the decor through the use of chrome features.

The use of white floors and cupboards creates the illusion of more space which is perfect for smaller kitchens and larger kitchens (who doesn’t want their kitchen to appear more spacious?)

Built in or integrated appliances work very well with this type of kitchen as they allow features such as microwaves to be put wherever you like. In fact, a great effect that we’ve seen over the years is to create a tower with a separate oven and hob so you can fit all of your cooking appliances within the same sort of space.

We think that this trend could be huge throughout the winter.

The Sunny Kitchen

Unfortunately, we’re not all blessed with the capacity for a kitchen that is flooded with natural sunlight. However, this is a huge trend that is becoming very popular.

The idea of utilising natural light is nothing new, but we’ve seen some fantastic applications of it recently and so we thought it was worth a mention!

Natural light works fantastically well with light colours to create an airy space — meaning this style looks great with the Shabby Chic trend.

One thing that we’re seeing more and more of from our customer’s homes is that they’re adding a conservatory or orangery to the back of their property and having their kitchen leading into it with french doors. This means the conservatory space can be used for dining but it also floods the kitchen with natural light.

As we said, it’s a luxury that not everybody has access to, but if you have large windows throughout your kitchen it would make sense to harness the natural light from them.

The Colourful Kitchen

Making use of strong, bold colour in the kitchen can create a sleek, modern look.

The strips of colour can make a kitchen feel more roomy and add a tech twist.

It’s also a relatively inexpensive way to give your kitchen a facelift — all you need to do is paint the kitchen doors!

This style of kitchen can look great with light or dark decoration, although we prefer it with lighter colours as it seems to make the colours stand out more effectively.

We expect this look to be taking off in a big way over the course of this winter.

Some of the best kitchens we’ve seen all have one thing in common, they think outside the box. Most of them try and be different in one way or another, whether they’re putting colours together that wouldn’t usually make sense, or just arranging their appliances differently.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that it’s provided you with some inspiration for your own kitchen. The article was written by Domex Appliance Repair in London and if you liked it, feel free to give it a share!

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