What is covered by insurance, what is covered by guarantees?

broken applianceAppliance breakdowns can occur for a myriad of reasons, but whatever that reason may be, it’s always an inconvenience. Depending on what the issue is with your appliance, there will be an option for you to get the appliance repaired, restoring working order to your home or business.

Washing machines, ovens, fridge-freezers, tumble dryers and a host of other appliances are essential to everyday life, so take a look at our guide to see what is covered by your insurance and what is covered by a guarantee.


Are my appliances covered by my insurance?

Insurance is a tricky business, so it’s important to point out that all policies vary, making it difficult to say for certain whether your appliances are covered. Generally speaking however, if you have paid for contents insurance, you can expect your appliances to be covered for damage and theft. This damage can be caused accidentally, or it can be caused by a natural occurrence such as flooding or fire.

Understandably, the appliance you’re covered for will need to be damaged beyond repair in order for you to get a replacement, but you might also be covered for repairs in most cases – this is particularly important for businesses to have, avoiding lots of repair bills mounting up.

You’ll need to have your appliances assessed by a professional first and foremost, so it’s handy to take photographic evidence of damage sustained to your appliances if you can. From here your appliances will either be replaced like-for-like or the repairs will be arranged.

Different circumstances, along with the frequency with which you make claims, will impact your insurance premium in different ways. You should only claim on your insurance if you have no other option, and you should be honest when applying for insurance in terms of how much the replacement of your goods might cost (if you quote them a low value figure to lower the premium, you might be refused a claim when you suddenly ask to replace an expensive, top-of-the-range appliance).


Are my appliances covered by my guarantee?

When you buy an appliance these days, it is usually pretty common to find that it comes with a guarantee for a certain number of years. Some retailers give longer guarantees than others, so it can often be worth paying a little more to get better coverage on your goods, particularly appliances.

The key thing to remember about a guarantee, is that it does not cover accidents or natural disasters. Guarantees are, essentially, just that. They guarantee that the appliance will remain in good working order for that period at the least. Should the appliance encounter a fault or breakdown in that time, they will arrange for repairs or a replacement if it is deemed beyond repair.

So if your fridge-freezer stops running through no fault of your own, or if your oven won’t turn on, you can have the appliance sent away or receive a visit from an engineer in order to get it working again. If, however, you accidentally damage the appliance, either by knocking it over or fiddling with the wiring, you won’t be covered by the guarantee as this was not a fault of the appliance itself.

Once the life of your guarantee has expired, regardless of why the appliance is faulty, there will be nothing you can do except source appliance repairs for yourself – or you can involve your insurance company.

It’s important to keep documentation of both your guarantee and your contents insurance, as paperwork might be your only proof and will have policy or purchase numbers which you’ll be asked to reference.


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