How to Clean Your Oven

Oven Cleaning Stages

 Step What To Do
1. Remove the racks from the oven and place them in hot soapy water to soak in your sink. This will mean they simply require a quick wipe later to remove grime.
2. Open a window in your kitchen to allow the smell of cleaning products to ventilate.
3. Create a cleaning solution, either in a bowl or a spray bottle. Use a small amount of baking soda and fill the rest with water.
4. Open your oven (whilst it is empty and off) and place newspaper underneath it to ensure you catch any dripping.
5. Spray or dab the solution onto the inside of your oven, covering the grease and grime. Use more baking soda depending on the severity of the charring.
6. Leave the solution covering the inside of your oven for an hour.
7. Wearing rubber gloves, you should be able to remove most of the grime with a cloth, sponge or, in severe cases, a scraping tool. Just don’t scrape too hard!
8. Have a plastic bin bag handy to put all of the charred gunk into, your sink will suffer if your try to wash it away.
9. Repeat steps 2-6, getting rid of the remainder of the stains.
10. If stains persist, use a warm water and vinegar solution to wipe the interior of your oven.
11. Beyond this, industrial strength cleaners are available to shift the most stubborn stains, but require caution when used – particularly around children.


With heavy usage over time comes the inevitable grime and grease, it’s a natural byproduct of cooking almost anything and it can become baked onto your oven. Many modern appliances come with a self-clean cycle, but many ovens require manual hand cleaning when getting ready for the holiday rush.

Ensure you apply the right cleaning techniques to your individual oven to get the best results and to avoid damage to your appliance.

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