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Why Is My Washing Machine So Noisy?

Tempted to pull your washing machine apart because it’s too noisy? Before you do, you might want to ask yourself a few questions first, such as: when is it making the most noise and what part of the wash is it in? Draining, washing or spinning?

It’s worth paying attention to these things as it could be crucial in indicating whether there is actually a problem before you go poking around inside, risking damage to the appliance. That’s not to say you should ignore the noise either, just take stock before taking drastic action.

A noisy washing machine can result from issues like an unbalanced load during the spin cycle, loose drum bearings, or the presence of foreign objects such as coins. Regular checks and maintenance can help prevent these disturbances and keep your machine running smoothly. Some common reasons for a noisy washing machine include:

  • Unbalanced Load. Overloading or uneven distribution of clothes in the drum can lead to imbalance during the spin cycle, causing the machine to make noise.
  • Worn Out Bearings. Over time, the bearings that support the drum can wear out, leading to a loud noise, especially during the spin cycle. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth repairing drum bearings on a washing machine, check out our comprehensive guide on the topic.
  • Loose Drum or Tub. Loose components within the washing machine, such as the drum or tub, can create noise as they move during operation.
  • Foreign Objects. Items like coins, buttons, or small objects may get lodged in the drum or pump, causing noise as the drum rotates.
  • Damaged or Worn Belts. If the drive belt or any other belts are damaged or worn, they may create a loud noise during operation.
  • Faulty Motor. A malfunctioning motor can produce unusual sounds. It might be due to worn-out brushes or other motor components.
  • Suspension Springs Issues. Damaged or worn suspension springs can result in excessive movement of the drum, causing noise.

In this post, we’ll be looking at why your washing machine might be making a lot of noise, and whether there is anything you can do to stop it. So, let’s start with the reasons you might be hearing noise from your machine.

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The many reasons why washing machines can be noisy

The first reason you might be hearing a lot of noise from a washing machine is because of a drum bearing failure. This can often be indicated by excessive play in the internal drum. If you can grab hold of the drum inside, above the seal, and it lifts up then drops down, then it’s almost certainly because the bearings or drum shaft have worn down. This problem can be spotted around the drum, it’s never usually just in one place.

Another common reason people hear noise from their washing machine is because something has fallen into the filter or the rim of the drum, rattling constantly when the machine is in action. Check the pockets of clothing before putting them on a wash to ensure pennies, hair grips, keys and other small objects don’t caught and rattled around.

Lastly, you might be disappointed with this suggestion, but it could just be that your machine is noisy. Some washing machines reach 1600 rpm spinning, so it’s little wonder that it makes a bit of a racket when it’s going at full tilt.

Can you fix these problems yourself?

With any appliance issue, there might be things you can do yourself to remedy the situation, but generally, you’re going to need a professional engineer to tackle it if you want it fixing properly. You’re always at risk of causing more damage or injuring yourself if you go it alone.

Think, too, about whether the noise you’re hearing is simply as a result of the normal function of the machine. Are there some ways you can naturally help to make it less noisy?

How can I make my washing machine less noisy?

New parts to replace old ones which are causing noise is an option, but again, may require a trained professional to carry out the installation work. Here are some basic suggestions you might be able to use to minimise noise from a washing machine:

  • Check it is stood evenly – this will prevent it from rocking and creating more noise when it gets up to speed.
  • Reduce the spin speed – most machines give you the option to choose the speed, if 1600 rpm annoys you too much, maybe take it down to 800.
  • Fit your washing machine in a utility room – if you’re lucky enough to have somewhere closed off to fit your washing machine, and you hate the noise it makes, then set it to wash and simply shut the door behind you to minimise the noise.
  • Read the reviews when you buy a new machine

If you’re in the market for a new washing machine – or you want to get rid of your noisy one for something quieter – then make use of the reviews you can find online. These will give you a good indication of quality from real consumers. If a particular model or brand has a lot of complaints about noise attached to them, you’ll know to avoid it and find something where people haven’t complained.

If you suspect your washing machine is making too much noise because of a fault, look no further than Domex. Our expert engineers are on hand across London to help repair your washing machine and resolve any noise issues you might have. Simply contact us today to book an appointment or for more information.

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