Why is my fridge freezing my food? - Domex Ltd
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Why Is My Fridge Freezing My Food?

Have you ever gone to your fridge to pull out ingredients for tonight’s meal, but found that some items have frozen? It can be confusing when you notice this happening, not to mention the cost of throwing away food which can then no longer be eaten, like eggs.

However, this is not an uncommon problem, with many people wondering why their fridge has frozen their food. This month, we’ll help you find ways to prevent this from happening.

How can I stop my fridge freezing my food?

There are a number of simple things you can do to help prevent your fridge from freezing your perishables. Try to following steps to see if you can remedy the issue:

Check the temperature is set correctly

– It could be that your temperature dial has been accidentally notched up, causing the fridge to work beyond what is needed and freeze items over.

This could be an internal temperature dial, or sometimes a digital display on the outside – check your user manual if you’re unsure where to find yours.

Fill your fridge

It might sound counterintuitive, but if you fill your fridge with food in all areas, you’ll be able to track down whether there is one area in particular – your vegetable drawer for example – where the freezing is happening. If you can identify one spot, it might be worth avoiding using it until you can get professional assistance.

Check the door seals

Most refrigerator doors have a seal around them which grabs the surface of the fridge when closes to provide a protective seal. If this seal is damaged or missing, it might mean that the air is leaking out and causing the fridge to work even harder to stay cool – thereby rendering your carrots as icicles.

Is this a problem I can fix myself?

Why is my fridge freezing my food? - Domex Ltd

The answer to this questions depends largely on how skilled you are with appliances and DIY. You might be tempted to have a crack at fixing the problem for yourself, but if the issue isn’t an obvious one you could end up doing more harm than good – not to mention that fridges comes with the added danger of gases if your fridge uses them.

When you aren’t confident you know what you’re doing, instead of damaging your fridge further, simply get professional help. An experience technician will be able to offer assistance, spare parts and a safe practices to put your mind at rest (and defrost your food).

For an appointment with a dedicated engineer, look no further than the team at Domex. We’ve been helping homes and businesses keep their appliances running – including fridges – for over 15 years. Contact our friendly team today for more information or to book your visit.

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