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Why is my fridge freezer leaking water?

Whether it’s occasional dripping or major pooling, water leaking from a fridge freezer can often be a sign that something isn’t quite right. It may require a simple fix or a professional eye – either way, you first need to establish the cause.

In this article, we’ll take you through some common fridge freezer issues that could be triggering the leak – and what you can do to fix them.

7 Reasons Why a Fridge Freezer Is Leaking

Remember to always unplug the appliance first before diagnosing issues. Here are some possible reasons why a fridge freezer could be leaking.

  • The appliance is not on even ground: Take a good look at your fridge. Is it tilted forwards? If so, this could mean the seal is not closing as fully as it could and so the water is not draining back into the drain pipe. Adjust the fridge’s front legs to ensure your appliance is level and standing on even ground – see if this solves the problem.
  • An issue with the door seal: The fridge seal stops warm air from entering the cold fridge environment – so an accumulation of food or dirt on the seal, or simply a faulty seal, can hinder full closure of a freezer door. This triggers condensation which may then begin to leak. If this is the case, give the seal a clean or replace it.
  • The way food is stored: If your fridge is storing many high-moisture items, this could be upping the moisture content of the fridge freezer interior. Likewise, if too many food items are resting against the rear wall of the fridge freezer, this can push water down into the salad drawer, which could then flow out of the front appliance door.
  • Cracked drain pan: At the bottom of many fridge freezers is the drain pan. If this becomes cracked or damaged, it can cause water to trickle out the bottom of the appliance. A replacement drain pan should solve the issue.
  • The ice maker may need attention: A few things can go amiss with an ice maker. The water supply line could come loose, hoses could become cracked or kinked, or seals can be damaged. See our full article on how to diagnose and resolve any issues with an ice maker.
  • The drain hole could be clogged: The drain hole, or defrost hole, at the back of a fridge freezer is the way that water drains from the appliance. If this is clogged with food or other particles, this could be the root of the problem. Washing it out with warm water or using a cotton bud or pipe cleaner to gently unclog it may help relieve issues. See our full article here about fridge drain hole troubleshooting.
  • The temperature control is faulty: Perhaps you’ve noticed the temperature in your fridge-freezer has been quite erratic? If this is coupled with leaking water, it may well mean the thermostat is faulty and needs repair or replacement. You should confirm this with a specialist who can diagnose the issue fully.

Domex Engineer inspecting fridge freezer leaking water - Domex Ltd

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