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Which Is The Best Tumble Dryer – Vented Or Condenser?

Choosing the right tumble dryer for your household needs careful consideration as you initially have to think about where it’s going to sit. It doesn’t have to be in the kitchen as it could go in the utility room or even a spare room as long as it’s well-ventilated.

Then you should look at the features. Does the tumble dryer have the latest sensor technology that detects the amount of moisture in the drum and then automatically amend the programme and the length of the cycle based on that reading? These sensors offer greater energy efficiency and reduce drying times.

Freestanding, integrated, or semi-integrated: choosing your tumble dryer style

  • Freestanding: This type of tumble dryer offers the greatest flexibility as you can move it from place to place if needed.
  • Integrated: These appliances are designed to be installed within a kitchen unit and are hidden behind a door that matches your other cupboards.
  • Semi-integrated: Here the control panel is visible but the dryer drum is hidden behind a door panel that matches your other units.

Vented, condenser, or heat pump: unveiling the different tumble dryer types

What is a vented tumble dryer

Vented tumble dryers, like the Miele vented tumble dryer, work by drawing in air from the room, heating it up, and circulating it around the drum as the clothes spin. This warm air helps to evaporate the moisture in the clothes, ensuring efficient drying. The hot and damp air is then vented outside through a hose, keeping your laundry area dry and comfortable. The key thing to know about vented dryers is that they need to be placed near a wall or window. Why? Because they need somewhere to send the damp air that’s created during drying. You can use a venting kit to set up a permanent vent through an outside wall. Or, when you’re using the dryer, simply hang the hose out of a window to let the air out.

What is a condenser tumble dryer

If you opt for a condenser dryer you won’t need the exhaust connection and this type of dryer can be put in any well-ventilated room. They work by condensing the steam inside the appliance and turning it into water which is collected in a removable container. When the container is full it needs to be taken out and emptied into the sink.

Heat-pump dryer

New heat pump operated appliances such as the Miele heat-pump tumble dryer dry your laundry by using hot air to remove water from the load which then evaporates into a tank. Sophisticated features tend to make some models more expensive, although they are the cheapest in terms of running costs. And they’re particularly suitable for a long-term solution for frequent tumble drying.

Now that we’ve covered the differences between condenser tumble dryers and vented tumble dryers, let’s delve into which is the best tumble dryer – vented or condenser? Read on to find out more…

Vented tumble dryer or condenser – which is best?

  • Vented Tumble Dryers
    Vented dryers are your most affordable option and on average have the fastest drying speeds. They come in different sizes with drums starting at 4-6kg limits. They also benefit from stacking or wall mounting when space is in short supply. You won’t have to worry about mildew build-up inside a vented appliance which can be caused by trapped moisture.
    Vented dryers are simple to operate in terms of settings and how they’re built. This means that any repair work is typically fast and simple. They’re also more economical to run than a condenser dryer.
    A few disadvantages include the susceptibility to breaking down. Delicate vent hoses and fixtures can easily become loose or damaged, and the location is limited due to the wall and window requirements. And useful features and functions are often unavailable.
  • Condenser Tumble Dryers
    As condenser dryers are a newer concept they tend to be more popular, particularly as they are easy and convenient to install. They produce less condensation and often have advanced features and settings that range from special drying for different fabrics to adjustable drying speeds.
    Are condenser dryers more energy efficient? They actually take longer to dry clothes making them less efficient and can be more expensive than a vented dryer to purchase. And you’ll need to empty out the water tank regularly.

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