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What is The Best Washing Machine Temperature?

washing at 20°For quite some time now, experts have been telling people to wash laundry at 30°, not only to give a good clean but to also save on energy for the environment and reduce household bills. Maybe you’ve got the hang of what the symbols mean on the garment label, but what about temperatures? If you have questions about what the best washing machine temperature is, then you’re in luck – we’ve got several pointers regarding washing temperatures.

When is 20 plenty?

If you’re really looking to reduce energy costs and protect the environment, 20° is the lowest you can really go. This was built into all washing machines as standard from around 2013, with the hope that the option would convince people that 20 was plenty.

It should be obvious that 20° isn’t going to have quite the same cleaning power as a higher temperature, but this is actually fine for clothes you’ve only lightly worn and which aren’t heavily stained in some way. This is a great way to freshen up clothes and keep the bills down.

Is 30 degrees really better for the environment?

The 30° setting is one regularly used in most homes these days, bringing most people down from 40°. It is often associated with washing more delicate materials like wool and silk, but is it better for the environment?

The answer is yes, since it uses less energy to heat the water up to the warm temperature. But it should be said that there are arguments against using 30° because of health implications. The lower the heat you use, the more likely bacteria is to survive, and you need to be certain that your washing detergent will dissolve at this low temperature to give a proper wash – another factor to bear in mind when selecting a temperature.

Is a 90 degree wash even necessary?

a 90° service wash is important for washing machine maintenance
90° is pretty much the highest temperature setting you can find on most washing machines, but there are very few garments which will recommend a wash at such a high temperature. When tackling stubborn stains or washing linen, most people use 60° as their highest setting – this is thought to enough to kill most bacteria and is recommended by the NHS.

How important is a service wash?

A service wash is designed to help you keep your washing machine clean and free of bacteria. Every so often you should set a service wash on the highest temperature – with an empty drum – to maintain a fresh wash when you’re doing your laundry. You will need to use a non-biological detergent or descaler product specially designed for a washing machine service wash. Without a service wash to blast away the grime and dirt, you may find your washing machine emits a bad odour.

If your washing machine isn’t washing your clothes properly – no matter how high you set the temperature – or if there is a strange smell coming from your washing machine even after a service wash, look no further than Domex Ltd. Our professional engineers operate across London and the South East of England to help you get your washing machine back to full capacity again. Book a repair online or give us a call on 0330 210 2100.

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