Tyred Domex Appliance Engineer Speeds Up The Service

Working in London, especially the inner part, does bring its challenges, biggest of which is parking. So often our service engineers have to park their vans rather distant from the property and often over 100-150 yards. Which means they have to do 300 yards walk with parts and toolkit and potentially more if spare part is needed from the van stock.

Rado, one of the business 30 field engineers,  has found a way around that. Being rather keen on electric vehicles himself and after some research he came across the Unicycle. One wheel, electric driven motor piece of kit which you balance with your feet. With a range of 4 miles and speed of up to 10 miles per hour Rado finds it rather useful for work.

Rado On Call


So when parking rather far away from the job, he hops on the unicycle and arrives at no time but more importantly a lot quicker and less tired! This simply helps him visit every single customer and not having to abort calls due to a ridiculously distant parking.

As Domex has always been implementing technology in the business, fully support this simple but efficient solution and not only did the business cover the cost of the kit but also is thinking to offer its whole field service operation the ability to adapt the unicycle (subject to individual engineers’ approval).

Sadly, though we can’t get appliances deliveries done on unicycle for understood reasons but it is amassing how simple ideas could improve efficiency and make someone’s life easier.

Good job Rado, Uni- cycle on!