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Tumble Dryers: Common Faults


Tumble dryers can be a lifesaver if you have a mountain of washing you need to get dry, and are especially handy if the weather isn’t so good outside either. So when your tumble dryer has a fault, it can be a real pain.

There are plenty of adverts which sell you products to look after your dishwasher or washing machine, but none for your tumble dryer. That’s because it’s a tricky machine and unless you’ve got a background in repairing such appliances, you might be wondering what’s wrong with your tumble dryer when it won’t work.

In this article we’ll go through some of the most common faults you might find with your machine and what the cause may be. This will help you better describe any issues you are having to a repair specialist.

There is no heat in my tumble dryer…

The most frustrating issue with tumble dryers is when they won’t heat, rendering them useless. A common fix is to hit a reset button on the back of the appliance, but if this doesn’t work – or if your dryer doesn’t have this button – you might find the issue is related to something else.

The heater or the thermostat can cause you to lose heat in your drum, this fault is one which many people will face and which requires professional attention. Heat could also be missing if parts of the machine are blocked with fluff or ooze.

My tumble dryer drum won’t spin…

Part of the drying process involves tossing the clothes around in the drum, so when the drum refuses to spin you lose a good portion of the process, leaving many of your clothes damp. There could be one of several issues here, the first of which is related to your motor; it could be an issue related to where the motor is fitted or a fault in the motor itself. Another potential fault is that the belt has stopped functioning. Either way, unless you have a background in dealing with such components, an expert will be better equipped to tackle the problem.

My tumble dryer is too noisy…

One thing you’ll hear a lot of people say is that their tumble dryer is too noisy. This is sometimes a subjective thing, with many older or budget appliances not being silent. The drum spins and if it isn’t sat on a level floor or, if the appliance touches a wall or a unit, there is bound to be a vibration noise.

Beyond this, if you have a noisy appliance it could be due to faulty jockey wheels, bearings or worn felt pads. It’s hard to establish which of these elements – or combination of elements – has gone awry just from listening, which is why it’s important to contact a professional.

My tumble dryer smells…

A smelly tumble dryer is usually easy to fix, the issue is often down to moisture getting trapped in the vent hose. This water often goes stale over time as it sits in a dip and will give off a real stench. This could be an issue with your condenser (if this is the type of tumble dryer you have). Take a look at our tumble dryer condenser troubleshooting article for more information.

It could also be that your lint filter could also be creating a smell if you don’t clean it out every once in awhile. Simply pull away the excess fluff from your filter to help limit the amount of smell your tumble dryer creates. Learn more about why lint forms in the tumble dryer.

For expert and professional assistance when you’re tumble dryer breaks down, contact Domex today and we’ll be happy to help. If after reading this you decide that you want to buy a new tumble dryer then have a read of Domex’s Tumble Dryer Buyers guide.

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