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Small Space Appliance Solutions

With less space for property development, many developers are getting creative with residential housing – the result of this is that it can leave homes small and boxy. Even older properties can sometimes have limited space, especially in the kitchen.

It’s important to use the space you have wisely, every inch should be carefully considered. With this in mind, we’ve brought together some of the smallest appliances on the market, allowing you to have the functionality of a kitchen in every aspect, without the worry of where to put everything.

Countertop Dishwashers

Dishwashers can come in all sizes these days, with full sized units for families and slimline dishwashers for that tighter squeeze. But what if you have no floor space in which to stand a dishwasher? Well, you needn’t feel like you have to go without thanks to countertop dishwashers.

Not nearly as popular over here yet as they are in the US, these small units are about the size of a microwave and can sit on your countertop, ready to quickly and efficiently wash your crockery.

Small Space Appliance Solutions - Domex Ltd

Portable Hob

A portable hob might not sound like the most glamorous thing to have lying around, but it can save you a great deal of surface space. You can get single or double induction hobs to provide a classy, space-saving accessory which you can take away with you when you move. An investment for the future as well as for now, you can really make the most of your money with this fixed hob alternative.

Small Space Appliance Solutions - Domex Ltd

Countertop Oven

While a microwave is great for heating up the odd meal, you really wouldn’t want to be without a proper oven. With a countertop oven – also a similar size to a microwave – you can continue to cook fresh meals and cook meat, all without having a monstrous appliance hogging all that space.

Small Space Appliance Solutions - Domex Ltd

Mini Fridge & Mini Freezer

The mini fridge has been around for a long time now, from bachelor pads to hotel rooms, you can keep a few essentials chilled with these. But now you can get a mini freezer too, so if you really don’t have need for a huge chest freezer you can free up the space. Just be sure you’re happy with the style of the mini appliance if you’re planning on keeping the set-up for an extended period, as some can look cheap and ugly.

Mini Fridge - Domex Ltd

Compact Tumble Dryer

If there is one appliance many people try to do without in order to save space, it’s bound to be the tumble dryer. It’s a large appliance which you might not actually want to use until those really cold months when it’s impossible to hang wet clothes outside to dry.

Now, compact tumble dryers are making a real difference. Though they may look like a small kitchen bin, they utilise a gravity assisted spin to draw all the moisture from your laundry – an excellent buy if you don’t have much space to play with.

Small Space Appliance Solutions - Domex Ltd

If you’re looking for more ways to maximise your kitchen space take a look at our article 7 ways to maximise your kitchen space.

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