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Samsung Dishwasher Troubleshooting Codes

Is your Samsung dishwasher giving you error codes and not functioning optimally or at all? This 

Samsung dishwasher troubleshooting guide aims to help you address these problems. From pump to leakage issues, you’ll soon know what the cause of the problem is as well as how to resolve it.

Samsung dishwasher errors

No matter which brand name you choose for your dishwasher, Samsung included, you may at some point see some error codes on your appliance. Some of these Samsung dishwasher problems are easy to deal with while others will require an expert’s help. If you see a Samsung dishwasher OC fault code or any other code for that matter, you’ll now be able to know how to address it. Here’s the breakdown of the various Samsung dishwasher error codes to keep in mind:

3C: Pump operation error

This fault code indicates that the pump is unable to run anymore. The problem can be resolved either by visiting the Samsung Support Centre or calling a technician. 

1E, IE: Clogged filter error

Appearing on the Waterwall models of Samsung dishwashers, these codes indicate that water is not flowing from the filter. To this end, the filter should be cleaned using the instructions in your user manual. If the error persists, you are encouraged to visit the Samsung Support Centre or contact a technician. 

3E: High temperature water supply error

This indicates excessive heat within the dishwasher. You need to manually lower the temperature by setting it to below 80-degrees Celsius. If the error persists, you are encouraged to visit the Samsung Support Centre or contact a technician.

4C, 4E: Water supply error

These error codes typically indicate that either the water pressure or the temperature are insufficient to run the dishwasher effectively. First, check that the water temperature is between 48 and 65-degrees Celsius. Water pressure should be between 20 and 120 PSI. Pressure below 20 PSI means that a water supply valve failure is likely to result.

5C, 5E: Drain error

This indicates that the dishwasher is not draining water. The drain connection and drain hose should be checked for an effective connection to the dishwasher. Also be sure to clean the drain or filter and sump.  

7E: Water reflector error

This is a sign that the reflector is not moving correctly from its position. It needs to be positioned perfectly. For any help, get in touch with an expert. 

9E: Low water level error

The dishwasher will not be able to run because there is less water in the dishwasher. To resolve this, you can either empty out the dishwasher or add detergent and run a normal cycle. If the error persists, contact an expert. 

AP: Access Point Mode

This mode enables the dishwasher to connect with your mobile phone. To resolve this error, you can turn off the dishwasher and re-run it. 

bE, 6E: Button error

This usually indicates that a button is stuck, possibly by being pressed for too long or another issue. You can switch off the dishwasher by disconnecting the power cord and then press each of the buttons on the panel to ensure that the button which is stuck is fixed.  

CE: Communication error

This code error is caused by the fact that the control panel is unable to communicate with the rest of the dishwasher. You can try turning it on and off again, and if the error persists, you should contact a technician. 

HC, IE, 1E: High temperature heater error

This error code is usually found in Rotary models and they indicate that the water in the dishwasher is boiling. It’s advisable to remove the power cord of your dishwasher for 30 seconds and then turn it back on. You are also encouraged to empty the dishwasher, fill the normal quantity of detergent and then run a new cycle.  

HE, tE: Heater error

This is an error that relates to the dishwasher’s heater. It’s advisable to empty the dishwasher, fill it with the normal quantity of detergent and then run a normal cycle. 

LC, LE: Leakage error

This is when the dishwasher’s leak sensor detect moisture or when the reflector is blocked (the latter only applies to Waterwall models). This error means that the dishwasher will be automatically turned on and will not stop. It’s advisable to contact a technician to resolve this issue. 

OC, 0C, oE: Over level water error

This indicates that there is more water in the dishwasher than is needed. It could be a result of a drainage issue. First, check the dishwasher’s connection at the sink as well as the drain hose. It’s also advisable to clean the drain, filter and sump.

PC: Zone wash error

You are advised to unplug the dishwasher from its power source and re-run a normal cycle. If the error persists, contact a technician to help you resolve it. 

PE: Half load connection error

This typically happens when the zone wash function isn’t working properly. To try and resolve this issue yourself, empty the dishwasher, add detergent, and run a half cycle. If this doesn’t work, unplug the dishwasher from the power source and contact an expert.

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It’s possible that your Samsung dishwasher may sometimes run into problems that are indicated by error codes. However, you can rely on experienced professionals to help you with your Samsung dishwasher repairs. Don’t hesitate and get in touch with us today!

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