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Ovens: Check This Before Calling An Engineer

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All the appliances in your home have an important and integral part to play in daily life, but some of the most deflating issues you can have will come with the cooker or oven. It’s frustrating when you don’t have your oven and no one wants to be without it for too long.

But while there are genuine problems you might have which require the attention of a professional engineer, you might want to check our list below for problems which don’t require an engineer, and which can be easily rectified.

Handles & Bulbs

The handle of your oven might not be of the best quality, and when it breaks you might find it awkward to open your oven. If your oven handle is simply screwed in and is easy to find a replacement for then you won’t need an engineer. Sometimes, more often with high-end ovens and cookers, the handle cannot be easily removed and you might need a professional to replace it.

Oven bulbs also often break and once again, they are easy to replace in certain models. Ensure you turn the power off first, remove the bulb and replace it with a new one – checking the new bulb meets the same power requirements and won’t fail. Some bulbs might be tougher to get out and require an engineer, others might need to be cleaned to make them easier to take out.

Grill Doesn’t Glow Red

The majority of people think that the grill element should glow red in order to be heating properly, but in actual fact there are more models out there which don’t glow red but are working at their optimum regardless. It’s a common misconception which leads people to call out an engineer when it isn’t necessary in most cases!

No Power

If you’ve moved into a new house or recently had a new cooker installed, it can be slightly confusing. There are often people who find that they have no power going to their oven, with the clock or display light going dead. While this can sometimes point to a larger problem with your electrics, it might also be best to first check whether there is a switch on your wall which controls the power to your oven. This is common for built-in appliances as they cannot be pulled away from a wall to be unplugged.

Knob Alignment

Knob alignment is a problem which doesn’t always require and engineer. If your knobs are loose then they may have been taken off and replaced at some point, this can lead to them not aligning properly. If you can remove them again without breaking them, and put them back on in the right position, you can solve this issue yourself. Failing this, you might want a professional to take a look – the issue might actually lie elsewhere.

Grease & Clogs

Any oven or cooker which has been going for a long time and which has seen extensive use will no doubt become clogged with grease and grime. This can impact the quality of your cooking function, but it can also actually prevent a gas oven from working properly. If the burner at the back of your oven is clogged then you will need to clean it before attempting to use it again.

These are just a handful of issues which don’t require an engineer, but whatever you are doing with your cooker or oven you should always exercise caution. Ensure you don’t meddle with your gas supply or your electrics as this very dangerous for you and your household.

If your problem is more serious than those listed in this article then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our qualified team at Domex. We can arrange for one-off repairs as well as service plans for those who require regular attention for their appliances.

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