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Miele Washing Machine Fault Codes

Miele is a renowned German electronics manufacturer, widely recognized for producing high-quality appliances, including their popular washing machines. Miele washing machines are known for their exceptional performance, long service life, low noise levels, and impressive A+++ energy ratings, which ensure that your laundry receives the best possible care.

However, even with the superior quality of Miele washing machines, occasional issues may arise. Fortunately, Miele has incorporated a helpful feature into their machines – error codes. These error codes provide valuable information that can assist in diagnosing and resolving problems, even if you are not able to fix the issue yourself.

Here is a list of some common Miele washing machine fault codes:


Miele washing machine fault codes

Error codes can help diagnose an issue with your Miele washing machine. The specific number identifies what the error is in the system, and can be helpful in finding a resolution to the problem, even if you can’t fix it yourself.

A Miele washing machine fault codes list includes:

Code F1/F2 – Indicates a short-circuit in the NTC sensor, typically caused by water or heating-related problems.

Code F10 – Indicates a water intake issue.

Code F11 – Points to difficulties in water drainage.

Code F15 – Indicates a fault in hot water intake.

Code F16 – Signals the detection of excess detergent.

Code F19 – Indicates a slow flow meter, leading to rotation complications.

Code F20 – Points to heating malfunctions.

Code F29 – Indicates that the heater steam is inactive.

Codes F34/F35 – Indicate problems with locking or unlocking the door.

Code F39 – Points to a failure in the electronic unit.

Code F41 – Indicates incorrect data from faulty electrical memory.

Code F43 – Indicates that the appliance model is not programmed.

Code F45 – Suggests defective Flash Ram, resulting in incorrect data supply.

Code F50 – Indicates a drive issue.

Code F51 – Points to a level switch or sensor pressure problem.

Code F53 – Miele washing machine fault code F53 indicates a speed sensor fault has been detected

Code F56 – Indicates that the final spin speed is less than 400rpm.

Code F62 – Points to a defective program selector.

Code F63 – Indicates a failure in the water path control unit.

Code F65 – Suggests that the drum lighting cap is missing.

Code F81 – Indicates that the steam is inactive in the heater unit.

Code F83 – Indicates excessive temperatures in the heater unit.

Code F92 – Indicates a risk of bacterial contamination.

Code F100 – Indicates a communication link failure.

Code F104 – Indicates low voltage to the drive.

Code F138 – Points to water in the drip tray.

Code F140 – Suggests a fault in the drainage dispenser unit.

For more help and information relevant to your particular Miele washing machine model you can identify additional error codes from your manufacturer’s manual.

Miele washing machine troubleshooting

Miele washing machines have built-in diagnostic tools that recognise when the appliance is experiencing difficulties. Error codes may be accompanied by flashing or solid messages. See a range of troubleshooting implications here:

Washing machine without display

If your washing machine has a blank display and the stop/start button doesn’t light up, it indicates a lack of power. This could be due to a power supply problem, a faulty plug or power socket, or a blown fuse. Another possibility is that the display has automatically switched off to conserve energy. If the fault persists, it is recommended to contact a qualified appliance repair engineer to address any electrical-related issues.

Washing machine inlet/drain light flashing

This flashing light could be caused by various factors, such as a closed stopcock, a clogged water inlet filter, a kinked inlet hose, or low water pressure. Other issues that could trigger this flashing message include improper positioning of the end of the drain hose or obstruction of the drain pump. Additionally, the water protection system may activate and result in this flashing message.

Technical fault with exclamation mark flashing

In this case, it is advisable to switch off the washing machine and disconnect it from the power supply. Seeking professional advice and assistance is crucial for fixing the identified technical fault, which could involve connectivity issues, wiring problems, or control panel difficulties.

An audible signal accompanying Call Service message

This signal indicates that the drum lamp is not fitted correctly and may require repositioning. As accessing the drum lamp involves inserting a lever into the drum lighting slot, it is best to leave this task to the experts.

Other troubleshooting issues that may arise with Miele washing machines include leakage, which could be caused by a damaged door seal or connection problems with the drain hose.

Washing machine leaking

If the leak is from around the door this could be due to a damaged door seal where small items have become trapped. Leaks from under the appliance indicate a connection problem with the drain hose.

Miele washing machine repair

A trusted Miele washing machine engineer will undertake many repairs and fix them quickly and effectively – usually on the spot. With up-to-date training and years of industry experience, a fully trained technician will call you 30 minutes prior to arrival, and there’s no call-out fee. Your Miele washing machine will soon be working as new, and you’ll be able to arrange future servicing too!

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