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Is It Worth It To Repair Your Washing Machine?

Some of the most common washing machine problems include that they do not switch one, they wobble, they leak, they don’t fill or won’t drain or that they are very noisy. Whereas in some cases you may be able to undertake troubleshooting washing machine problems on your own, in other cases, you may need a trained professional to take a look. However, sometimes repairs can end up being costly. All because of the spare part needed and the time involved in resolving the problem. This leads you to a critical question: do you repair the washing machine or do you replace it altogether? Here are some guidelines to help you decide. 


What’s the problem?

Sometimes, a washing machine just needs a bit of TLC. This may mean that a belt, water valve, pulley and seal can be easily and inexpensively replaced. On the other hand, a pump or motor replacement generally requires professional help. Consider the problem that you have and compare the costs to purchasing a new washing machine. Why spend hundreds of pounds on a new one when you can save some serious cash by simply replacing the parts needed yourself or calling in an expert


Consider the remaining lifespan in terms of the warranty

Every washing machine manufacturer provides different warranties on their appliances, which can be a clue to their expected lifespan. Some go as far as 20 years, but the average life of a washing machine is 10 to 13 years. Some common questions that we get are: “is it worth repairing a 5-year-old washing machine?”, “is it worth repairing a 7-year-old washing machine?” and “is it worth repairing a 14-year-old washing machine?”. The answers to these questions will be – it depends. A five- or seven-year-old washing machine with five years of life left in it should possibly be repaired. On the other hand, a 14-year old machine with about six years left is likely to lead to more frequent breakdowns and requirements for maintenance and these can add up. In such a case, consider the cost of a new washing machine and compare it to multiple repairs that you’ll need to make over the next couple of years. After this, decide if it’s worth it.


Sealed drums and mIcrochips

More modern washing machines come with sealed drums and microchips (much like a computer). While both of these parts are designed to maintain the longevity of the appliance, they can sometimes break down. However, repairs and replacements of these parts can end up being very costly indeed and therefore, a new machine may need to be considered.


Efficiency of the washing machine

As time goes on, your washing machine is naturally going to experience some wear and tear. This will affect its overall efficiency, resulting in higher utility costs because more power may be used to keep the machine running. This in addition to higher volumes of water as well. As a result, when you consider whether you need to repair or replace your washing machine, think about its efficiency and if you’re unsure, speak to a professional to give you a more solid breakdown of costs as they relate to efficiency.


Your budget and repair costs

Finally, you’ll need to consider your budget. Everyone has different income levels and sometimes we just don’t have the spare cash for a brand new washing machine. Repairs may be the answer. But, when considering this, think about the costs of the actual repairs. If they are over 50% of the costs of a brand new washing machine, then you might seriously think about purchasing a new one altogether.


In conclusion

Yes, washing machines can break down from time to time but this shouldn’t necessarily mean that you need a new washing machine right away. It’s always advisable to contact your local washing machine & dryer repair service to see how they can help you save on costs of buying a new appliance. In other cases, though, the length of time your washing machine has been in use may mean that it’s simply too old and inefficient. Meanwhile, more modern machines require spare parts that are just too costly to buy. Therefore, you need to weigh up your options and reach a decision. However, you can always consult our professionals to see how they can help you save on costs and time and ultimately improve the lifespan of your washing machine.

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