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Ice Maker Troubleshooting

Ice makers are highly convenient and very much desired during the summer months, but only when they work effectively and efficiently. There’s never a good time for your ice maker to eventually decide to give up the ghost, but packing up during sweltering hot weather isn’t ideal. But fear not, because some of the problems you may be experienced are easily fixed, and we’re on hand to help.

It’s not making enough ice

Whether the dispensing process is so slow that you give up waiting, or if you have to press the button a few times before you eventually receive an adequate amount of ice, there are a few things it could be down to and they’re relatively quick to fix.

The potential cause(s):

A clogged filter

replace the water filter, then put the ice maker through several cycles. For replacement filters, give our friendly team a call and one of our engineers will be able to fit one for you.

Freezer temperature is too high

the ice maker must have a temperature of -15°C at the very most before it can effectively do its job. The average freezer temperature is -18°C, to increase ice production, try setting the freezer at around -20°C instead.

There’s not enough food in your freezer

little or no food in your freezer can slow down the production of ice. The more food there is, the more consistent and stable the temperature will be. You could always add a couple of bottles of water to add more volume.

Fixing the problem(s):

  • Replace the water filter. One of our skilled engineers can do this for you
  • Drop the freezer temperature by a couple of degrees
  • Don’t be afraid to add more food to the freezer, or add bottles of water instead

Making smaller ice cubes

Unless you’d prefer to relax in your garden with an ice cold slushy drink during the height of summer, then small ice cubes may not be as much of a problem. However, for those who prefer larger, more chunky ice cubes for cooling down a homemade lemonade or ice coffee, here are a few causes and solutions to your problem.

The potential cause(s):


it may be too hot or too cold inside your freezer. If your freezer is too warm, your ice cubes won’t fully freeze. If it’s too cold, you may be provided with frozen, but hollow cubes instead.

Water flow

too little water can result in hollow or unusually small ice cubes, this might be the fault of the water filter, and so would need to be replaced. Alternatively, it could be that the water line is kinked or frozen, you should also visually inspect the freezer for clogs, when it’s out of the wall. To fix this, simply defrost the water line or call out one of our highly experienced Domex engineers if it looks kinked.

Your fridge/freezer isn’t level

this can cause the ice cube mold to fill unevenly, with some unable to fill at all. If this is the case, make appropriate adjustments to the feet, ensuring it’s level both front-to-back and side-to-side.

Fixing the problem(s):

  • Adjust your freezer to the average temperature of -18°C
  • Replace the water filter. One of our trained specialists can do this for you
  • Call out a qualified engineer if the water line is kinked
  • Level the feet of your freezer accordingly

Domex engineer inspecting ice maker drawer

Not making any ice

When your ice maker ceases to produce any ice at all,it can be extremely frustrating, especially during the summer months, when an ice cold beverage is needed the most. But here a couple of things you can do to fix the problem, before you call out one of our engineers.

The potential cause(s):

A frozen water line

this can cause a clog which prevents the ice maker from producing, and therefore dispensing, ice.

The water filter is clogged

these are typically located inside of the fridge, to prevent them from freezing.

Fixing the problem(s):

To rectify a frozen water line:

  • Unplug the fridge/freezer and locate the shut-off valve
  • Turn it to the off or closed position
  • Pour some warm water over the frozen line Alternatively, or use a hair dryer
  • Leave the fridge/freezer unplugged for at least two hours

If the water filter is clogged:

  • Locate the filter
  • Call an engineer to ensure that the new filter is fitted properly. Our qualified specialists are able to do this for you.

Domex engineer inspecting ice maker

There’s a leak

A leak would be obvious to you as water will begin to seep out of the fridge/freezer and onto the floor. This could cause someone to slip, or the puddle may come into contact with electricity. From a safety perspective, this needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

The potential cause(s)

Water line fittings aren’t secure

if water line fittings aren’t fully secure, you’ll spot small drips and dribbles.

The defrost water drain may be cracked or overflowing

If you are uncertain about fixing this yourself, Domex offer same and next day appointments to get your freezer working safely again. Give us a call on 0330 210 2100.

The fridge/freezer isn’t level

this is fairly simple to resolve but if you are still experiencing a leak, it might be best to call the professionals.

Fixing the problem(s)

  • Turn off the ice maker and its water supply by turning the shut-off valve clockwise until it stops
  • Check for unusual amounts of moisture. Inspect water valves or the fill tube extension
  • Identify cracks or overflowing in the defrost water drain
  • If you spot anything untoward, call out an engineer
  • Level your fridge/freezer accordingly

ice cubes in ice maker

Not ejecting ice properly

Despite still dispensing ice, it can be a laborious and time consuming task to wait for an adequate amount of ice to come tumbling into your cup. But don’t worry, because we have some solutions that might help.

The potential cause(s)

The control arm has been knocked out of position

this can happen relatively easily and is easily identified and rectified.

The control arm is in the on position and the mold is filled with ice

most likely, this has been caused by the motor, gearbox or a faulty electrical connection.

Fixing the problem(s)

To rectify a control arm that has been knocked out of position:

  • Locate the metal control arm and move it to the on position

To fix a mold which is filled with ice:

  • Check that all electrical connections are properly in place
  • Slide the fridge/freezer out and turn off the water supply valve
  • Disconnect this from the power
  • Identify the release plug on the back wall of the freezer and unplug the connection
  • Leave it unplugged for 1-2 minutes, then reconnect
  • Manually remove the ice from the mold, or leave it to defrost

Restore power to the fridge/freezer:

  • Lift the control arm to the off position
  • Lower the arm back down and wait for the solenoid to engage
  • Fill the mold with water
  • Wait three-four hours for the water to freeze, then see if the ice ejects.
  • If not, you may need to replace the motor or gearbox. One of our skilled engineers will be able to do this for you.

Our fully qualified, highly experienced engineers are able to rectify any problems you may be having with your ice maker. You can also take advantage of our My Repair service. This will help you to track repairs and change appointments. You will also be provided with a photo of one of our trusted engineers, along with a timeframe in which to expect them. To find out more about the services we offer and the brands we work with, get in touch with us today – we operate throughout London, Surrey and the surrounding areas.

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