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How To Keep Food Cold in a Broken Fridge

Let’s face it, there is never a convenient time for your fridge to break down, but summer has to be the worst time to come home and find that your perishables are being ravished by the heat. You’re faced with trying to save as much of the contents of your fridge as possible, which raises the question: how do I keep food cold in a broken fridge?

Why is it important to keep food cold?

keeping food coldWe’re all used to placing certain foods in the fridge out of habit, and while you may well know that it is important to keep them cool, you might not necessarily know the exact reason why.
The name of the game here is safety. Many food items needs to be kept at a temperature below 8℃ to avoid harmful bacteria growing. A warmer temperature means the bacteria is likely to cultivate faster, meaning that the item could make you violently ill.

Often, you may see signs of this, such as mould or fur-like substances growing on fruits or vegetables, but when it comes to meat the bacteria may not be easy to spot. That’s why it is so important to ensure the temperature of your fridge doesn’t reach that danger zone over 8℃.

How do I keep food cold if my fridge freezer breaks?

If you’re faced with the nightmare scenario of a fridge or freezer breaking down (or both!) then you might be wondering how to save your food. It’s important to note that a fridge will maintain a cool temperature for roughly 4 hours once the power has gone, while a freezer and keep temperatures low for anywhere between 24 and 48 hours depending on how full it is.
Here are some tips to help you keep your food cool when the worst happens:

  • If help is on hand soon for repairs, try not to open the appliance – this will keep the temperature lower for as long as possible
  • If you have to take food out, get hold of as many coolers as possible and fill them with ice or cool blocks
  • If you have more food than you can store, throw out the things with the closest use-by date
  • Keep your meats together to avoid the juices thawing onto other food items
  • Throw away food if you suspect it has been exposed to warmer temperatures – this can be judged by smell, texture, colour or touch
  • Don’t risk taste testing the food – if you’re not sure, throw it away!

What should I do if my fridge freezer breaks?

Repairing broken fridge Whether the heat of summer has gotten to your appliances and caused a breakdown, or the fault is electrical, call Domex for expert assistance from our engineers. Wherever you are in London, we stock thousands of extra parts to help you in an emergency, repairing your fridge freezer so you don’t have to throw your food away. We have years of experience and provide a one year guarantee on all parts and labour.

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