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How To Fix The Horrible Smell of Your Appliances

The kitchen in every home is the one place the whole family gets use out of, so when one of your appliances is creating a repugnant smell it can be off-putting for everyone. Often, if the smell is bad enough it can start to permeate throughout your home, making life miserable as your breathe in the stench.

You should never have to suffer these horrible smells, but sometimes it can be hard to identify which appliances smells, why it smells and how to go about getting rid of the smell. This month, we’ve got a guide to appliance smells and what you can do once you identify which appliance is the key offender.

My dishwasher smells!

The most common offender for bad smells in the home is the dishwasher. It’s not hard to see why either, with plenty of food and liquid residue festering inside your appliance for lengthy periods.

The first thing you can do to remedy this is to give your plates, bowls and other items a quick rinse under the tap before loading them into the appliance, this means as little food and waste sitting in there as possible. Doing this will also aid the second step, which is to check the filter in your appliance. Food can accumulate here and is often the cause of bad odours. If your dishwasher still smells, try running the appliance empty with a cleaning product to flush out the bad smell.

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My fridge smells!

Raw meat, week old vegetables, leftover curry and even milk can contribute to bad smells in a fridge. For many people, the smell of sticky, grimy residues can be too much, but the source of the smell in a fridge is usually from the food or the mess made by food and drink.

To have a fresh smelling fridge you simply need to give it a deep clean. Firstly, turn the fridge off, put all your items in a cool box, then remove the shelves individually and any salad crisper section. Clean them with warm soapy water, dry them off and then wash the main walls and floor of the fridge. Put everything back once the fridge is on and back at a cool temperature – hopefully you’ll have fresh fridge once again. Take a look at our article detailing how to clean your refrigerator properly

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My oven smells bad!

When you notice bad smells in the vicinity of your gas oven, be sure to check that it isn’t a gas leak. Once you’ve confirmed it isn’t the gas causing a stink, it would be reasonable to assume that the smell is actually caused by the fat, grease and grime which builds up in every oven.

The solution here is to simply keep on top of the cleaning. There are many great oven cleaning products out there, but you’ll need to be thorough – get into the hinges and all those hard to reach areas and before you know it the bad smells will be banished.

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My washing machine smells!

A common issue for many people is the smell that their washing machine gives off. Not only is it off-putting for kitchens, but it also tends to leave a bad smell on your clothes.

There are a number of reasons your washing machine might smell. The first thing to check is the rubber seal on the inside of your door, often you’ll find hair and other gunk clogging up the seal and creating a bad smell. The second reason your appliance might smell is due to the drum and internal workings, which could well have been sat in dirty water, building up limescale and scum. Set an empty wash going on a high temperature with a cleaning product to give a thorough clean. Find out more about why your washing machine smells

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If your appliance is still emitting a stench after trying these simple tips, contact Domex today. Our appliance repair engineers will be happy to help, establishing the cause of the smell and helping to rid your home of the odour for good.

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