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How Often Do I Need to Wash My Bed Sheets?

How often should you wash your bed sheets? The answer you get to this question is likely to differ depending on who you ask, so the confusion surrounding the subject doesn’t come as much of a surprise. On top of this, as studies continue to be carried out, we’re starting to learn more and more about just what lurks amongst the threads. And the answer isn’t very pleasant.

The bacteria in your bed sheets

In a relatively short period of time, dust, dead skin, oil, sweat and saliva starts to build up in our bed sheets. While that sounds horrible, since we can’t see it, we don’t tend to think anything of it. But there are creatures that can see it. Namely: dust mites. Hundreds and thousands of them. And 1.5 grams of skin shed by a human each day is enough to feed all of them.

If that’s not enough to make you rethink your washing schedule – we don’t know what is!

So, how often should you wash your bed sheets?

At least once every two weeks.

While the above answer is a good guide, it really depends on the circumstances. While many people should be fine washing their sheets fortnightly, if you suffer from night sweats, asthma or a dust mite allergy, we would certainly suggest that you bump that up to once a week to help promote good, restorative sleep.

According to research carried out by online bed retailer Time 4 Sleep, only 28% of Brits change their bed sheets once a week (the recommended time), while 40% change their sheets every fortnight and 24% change them once every three or four weeks. Perhaps the most interesting statistic: 22% of people in the UK believe that bed sheets only become unhygienic after four or five weeks of sleeping with them. Of course, this isn’t true.

What’s the best way to clean my bed sheets?

If you’re going to wash your sheets more regularly, it’s definitely worth doing it properly. Here’s our step by step guide:

  • Separate your bedding from the rest of your laundry, and turn your washing machine to a low setting. Washing in hot water will shrink the material fibres, weakening the material. Using a good quality laundry detergent which works well at lower temperatures will ensure that you still get a great clean.
  • Turn your bed sheets and pillow inside out and roll them into a ball, then place them inside the machine. This will help ensure colour integrity, and also help fitted sheets keep their shape. Before washing any fabric, always check the care label and follow the recommended guidelines.
  • Add some fabric softener for a little extra comfort.
  • At the end of the cycle, air-dry your bed sheets thoroughly. If your sheets are white, some sunlight could be beneficial to help retain the colour.

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