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How Do Smart Washing Machines Work?

Using a smart phone to control your smart washing machine Smart technology has been around for a number of years, the applications of it reach far and wide, with WiFi enabled appliances becoming more and more common. These smart devices are now starting to become more affordable and, as a result, your next washing machine could be a smart one.

But what does that mean? What are the benefits and drawbacks of such technological advances in your laundry routine?

Firstly, we should explain that a smart device is something which can communicate with other devices – such as your smartphone – to share information and receive instructions remotely. That means that wherever you are, you can operate smart appliances through your phone if they are connected to the WiFi.

What are the benefits of smart washing machines?

Ever prepared your washing machine with a full load, ready to go, only to forget to press start before you leave the house? Well, with a smart washing machine, you can simply get on your smartphone and set the washing machine running wherever it is you’ve gone.

You can also set a time for your washing machine to start, so you could start a cycle when you leave work and have it finished and ready to hang out on the line as so as you arrive home, making the most of any good weather while it lasts. You could also set your machine to run in off-peak hours if you’re subject to higher charges during peak times – this will help lower your bills drastically.

Your smart washing machine will also be able to tell you if it has encountered any faults, allowing you to arrange for maintenance as quickly as possible.

Are there any downsides to buying a smart washing machine?

There aren’t many downsides to having a smart washing machine, but one thing you should check before making a purchase is what the app is like on your smartphone. Some brands limit the number of functions you have access to via the app, so do your research.

People tend to be wary of taking up new technological advances, with one potential fear being that a washing machine might break down and flood the home while they’re away. However, this is the same risk as setting the machine going while at home and walking out. At least with a smart washing machine, you’ll be notified if something is going wrong, allowing you to be more responsive to a fault.

Fears around having your appliance hacked, while not unfounded, are not something to be overly worried about. If anyone managed to get a hold of your smartphone and unlock it, they’d be unlikely to want to access your washing machine. Communication between the appliance and a service or maintenance system might be a worry for some, especially if cybercrime is something which becomes more frequent, with thieves able to gather data via poorly designed app systems.

What if my smart washing machine goes wrong?

If your smart washing machine goes wrong, it will more than likely mean something with the app needs to be corrected. This is down to the manufacturer and should be easy to troubleshoot.
While a smart washing machine can tell you if you have a blocked filter, it may not be able to diagnose many larger problems. At least with the knowledge that something is faulty, you’ll be able to call an engineer sooner than you might normally.

If you have a smart washing machine which has encountered a fault, or if your washing machine has stopped working altogether without notice, simply contact Domex today. Our friendly engineers are experts provide dedicated washing machine repairs to help keep your laundry routine on track.

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