Green Repairs

Appliance Repairs - Domex Ltd

We all know that repairing a domestic appliance is the “greener” option. Not only does it save resources in producing a new appliance but also it helps the environment by not having any distribution.

At Domex Appliance Services, we too think about the environment and try to do our bit. We cut down on paperwork, by using our eService Reports and Service Notes. But also for many years we have been using LPG, eco-friendly vehicles. We’d like to take a step forward by going fully “electric”. That way the appliance repair service we deliver to our customers will indeed be “greener”.

Citroen have come up with fully electric Berlingo Van with ZERO CO2 emissions which Domex had a week’s trial. Verdict:

  • Eco-friendly – zero CO2 emissions
  • Cost effective – running cost is very low
  • Engineer friendly – it’s fully automatic gearbox

However, with the current mileage per full charge it will be pretty impossible to complete a full day on the field i.e. van fully loaded with spare parts and with constant use of air heating/cooling we could hardly make it back to base.

So, while at Domex Appliance Repairs, we continue our efforts in being more efficient and deliver “green service” to you washing machine or fridge freezer, van manufacturers must improve on battery mileage.

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