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Finding Washing Machines Faults

Washing Machine Repairs - Domex Ltd

Almost every home in the country has a washing machine, and we rely on them heavily. However, we only notice this reliance when something on the machine fails. There are numerous faults which can occur with a washing machine, even if you buy from a well-known manufacturer, but how can you find out what the fault is and what’s causing it?

In this article we’ll help you to figure out what is wrong with your washing machine so you can make a more informed decision on how to proceed. We don’t advise that you undertake any repairs yourself unless you’re a professional washing machine mechanic, and we also advise you to use extreme caution when investigating – this is a device which runs on electricity and uses water, so don’t take risks.

My washing machine won’t spin

A key function of your washing machine is the spinning, this is what helps to get your clothes clean, so when your washing machine stops spinning it is a major inconvenience. A lot of people assume that if the drum isn’t spinning it’s the belt which is to blame, but this hasn’t been a problem in washing machines for quite some time.

With this in mind, the usual reasons for this fault often relate to either the speed control PCB or module and the motor itself. Alternatively, this problem could relate to worn carbon brushes. These are not easily fixed and require professional assistance for safe repairs.

My washing machine won’t drain

Any washing machine which isn’t draining properly can be a potential hazard in your home. Even if your machine drains, if it does so noisily or very slowly then there is undoubtedly a fault. The fault will usually be related to your drain pump, either it has failed, causing the machine to fill with liquid, or it has become blocked and makes strange noises whilst draining at a glacial pace.

Every machine is different and unless you’ve changed a drain pump then it would be a lot less trouble for you to call in the professionals.

My washing machine is vibrating heavily

All washing machines can feel like they’re vibrating but they shouldn’t be vibrating too heavily and it goes without saying that they shouldn’t be rocking. One thing you can check in this instance is the way the machine is installed, is the flooring level and are the sides of the machine touching a surface which could increase the volume of the vibrations? If these things are taken care of and the vibration persists, then it could be a sign that you have a suspension or bearing problem.

My washing machine lights/display is faulty

There are so many things which could be wrong with your washing machine when it comes to the display. If you have a flashing display or an error code then it isn’t your display which has broken, it will simply be that the machine has a specific error it is trying to signal to you. This can be helpful as it will allow you to have the specific fault looked at. If your display won’t come on at all then it might be worth checking your machine is plugged in and that the fuse is in tact.

My washing machine has a bad smell

Several factors can cause your washing machine to smell but there is no specific faulty part in this instance. For the most part, the low temperature washes are what cause the smell, as mould and liquid detergent combine without ever being flushed away. There are also plenty of crevices for mould to breed and accumulate in your machine, including the rubber seal inside the door.

If you are experiencing any kind of fault with your washing machine – including any of the above issues – simply contact us at Domex today on 0330 210 2100 or book an appointment online now and we can arrange for an engineer to make a visit.

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