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Extra Appliance Care Can Extend It’s Lifespan

Appliance LifeSpan InformationAppliances are key to our everyday lives, helping to make many of our tasks easier. For this reason they can be quite costly, for many people, the purchase of their appliance is a long term investment. For this reason it can be frustrating then when an appliance appears to break down before its time.

In this post we’re going to talk you through some of the different ways you can extend the lifespan of your appliances through basic care. These are mostly things you can do yourself to help get the most from your investment.


No matter what the size of your refrigerator, there are plenty of ways you can help to extend its lifespan. It’s an important appliance if you want to eat fresh and healthy foods on a regular basis, so follow some of these care tips for your fridge.

Average Lifespan: 13 years

  • How? Clean regularly underneath the fridge and vacuum dust from the back of the unit – especially from around the coils
  • Why? Dust and grime clogging up the coils and exterior of the appliance makes it work harder, meaning it will be more likely to break down.
  • How? Wipe down the seal which sits the door against the body of the fridge with a cloth dipped in warm water
  • Why? By keeping the seal clean and free of debris, you ensure a tight fit and minimise damage, helping make the fridge’s work easier

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Whilst dishwashers haven’t been around as long as other appliances, they’ve grown to be extremely popular. Saving you time, it’s a real drag to go back to hand-washing – especially all the crockery and cutlery in a family home.

Average Lifespan: 9 years

  • How? Take out any filters and give them a good clean, removing any and all debris
  • Why? If you don’t remove the food debris from the filter, it will end up on your plates and other items in the wash
  • How? Wipe down the seal of your dishwasher where the body meets the door with a cloth and some warm water
  • Why? By taking care of the seal, you ensure there are no nasty leaks or spillages

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Gas Oven

Despite the advent of electric ovens, gas appliances are still popular. Hobs which use gas are especially popular still, due to the control you get on top of the aesthetic qualities.

Average Lifespan: 18 years

  • How? Clean the gas rings on you hob regularly, poking any debris out of the holes with a toothpick while the hob is turned off
  • Why? Over time your gas rings can become clogged with spilled food and liquids
  • How? Deep clean the inside of your oven, clearing out muck and grime from the hinge of the door
  • Why? Your oven can become so clogged by grime that it functions less efficiently, with the door not closing properly if it becomes jammed

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The modern appliance which gives convenience over taste, for some people the microwave is a crutch, but even if you only use it to heat up veg, it’s worth keeping in top condition.

Average Lifespan: 9 years

  • How? Using warm water and a cloth, wipe the muck and residue from the interior and the door
  • Why? Keeping the door clean will help the appliance last longer, and a clean interior helps boost efficiency

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Extractor Hood

Things can get foggy pretty quickly without an extractor hood, allowing moisture to sit on your walls, windows and units. It’s important to look after this unit to keep your kitchen in good shape.

Average Lifespan: 14

  • How? Remove the filters from your extractor hood and give them a clean using warm soapy water to remove dust and grime
  • Why? Your extractor will have to work harder to draw smoke and steam away if the filters are blocked, causing it to break down sooner

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Washing Machine

Many homes would stop functioning if the washing machine broke down; it’s so central to our lives, especially for families. With this in mind, some basic, regular care will extend the lifespan of your appliance.

Average Lifespan: 15 years

  • How? Regularly wipe down the rubber seal inside the door, drying it off when you’re done
  • Why? Cleaning and drying the rubber seal helps avoid mold and mildew which then rubs onto your clothes
  • How? If you have a rubber hose for your drain hose, change it out for a pipe meshed with stainless steel
  • Why? Stainless steel mesh pipes are sturdier, preventing leaks and subsequent damage to electrics

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Tumble Dryer

A real time saver, your tumble dryer is great for getting a bulk load of clothes dried quickly. While these see more use in winter, looking after this appliance all year round will help see its life extended.

Average Lifespan: 13 years

  • How? Clean the filter in your appliance where the lint from clothes builds up
  • Why? Keeping the filter free of lint helps improve efficiency and the appliance lifespan
  • How? Empty the condenser unit of all the water after every few uses
  • Why? If the condenser becomes full, it could cause the appliance to stop working or, worse, overflow


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