Does Defrosting a Miele Freezer
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Does Defrosting a Miele Freezer Make It Work Better?

Ever since freezers were invented, we’ve been able to hold on to food for longer periods of time, ensuring that it doesn’t go off. This is not only a money-saving technique, it also saves time and resources. Our precious freezers are a major part of our kitchens and they perform a very important function there, keeping food frozen for longer and ensuring that bacteria doesn’t enter to help destroy the food. If you are someone who has a Miele freezer and you want to know if defrosting a freezer will make it work better and also how to go about doing so safely, keep reading below. 


How does a freezer work?

Your freezer is a complicated appliance that’s designed to keep food frozen. The air temperature inside is usually several degrees Celsius under zero. However, the temperature inside your home freezer will fluctuate each time the freezer door is opened. This means warm air will go inside and warm air contains more moisture than cold air. In addition, when warm and cold air meet, this condenses and turns into water. As a result, whenever you open your freezer, some warm air will inadvertently get inside and it will condense. The moisture will freeze and turn into frost and this will be most apparent on the sides and shelves of your freezer. 


Why should you defrost your freezer?

Frost and ice build up inside a freezer for several reasons. These may include faulty door seals, clogged vents or even blocked drains. However, the reason why you should defrost your freezer is to ensure that your food remains frozen at the right temperature and to avoid damaging your freezer owing to door jams or other causes. 


The best way to defrost a freezer

One of the quickest ways to defrost a freezer is to remove the contents of the freezer and place them in cooler boxes with ice or your refrigerator. You should then open the freezer doors allowing the interior to defrost. Also be sure that you unplug the freezer from the main source of power and be sure to place towels on the floor all around it so that all the ice that defrosts can be absorbed and to avoid a big mess. Another option to defrost a freezer quickly is to add bowls of boiling water in the freezer and let the steam work its magic. However, it’s highly advisable to avoid using hair dryers to quickly defrost a freezer because this can lead to exposure between water and electricity, causing an electric shock. 


How often should you defrost your freezer?

You should defrost your freezer whenever you see a thick build up of ice on the interior surfaces. However, if you notice that ice is building up more frequently than usual, this could be a signal that you’ve got a problem with your freezer drain or vents. 


Does defrosting a Miele freezer make it work better?

In short, defrosting a Miele freezer can make it work better. Why? Because the defrosting process can help maintain the freezer’s efficiency. This will enable you to save money on wasted food and possible costly repairs further down the road. In addition, you’ll be able to save on freezer space as you keep the door shut as tightly as possible as often as possible. 


When you need professional freezer repairs…

Perhaps your freezer has been defrosted one too many times or there are simply problems with your vents or drainage. Don’t worry! At Domex, we are here for you! Our professional Miele freezer repair technicians know just how to diagnose the problem and then repair it in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to us whenever your freezer is giving you issues. Irrespective of model or make, we ensure that your freezer works again, contributing to its longevity and saving you money over the long term.

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