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Extractor Hoods
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Do You Need an Extractor Hood in Your Kitchen?

An extractor hood is a necessary addition to any kitchen. Whether you’re looking to impress with a state-of-the art model or a hood which is more practical than anything else, they’re essential to the smooth running of any kitchen. In this article, we’ll be outlining exactly what an extractor hood is and why you need one.

Kitchen with extractor hood

What is an extractor hood?

An extractor hood is a device which contains a mechanical fan that is fitted directly above the stove or hob located in the kitchen. Its sole job is to remove smoke, heat, steam, grease, fumes and combustion products from the air. There are two different configurations of extractor hoods:

  • Ducted/vented application – the output collar of the blower motor is fitted to a duct system, which subsequently terminates outside the building.
  • Ductless/recirculating application – uses a filter, often containing activated charcoal, to remove odour and smoke particles from the air, before releasing clean air back into the room.

An extractor hood will almost always have lighting already built-in, allowing the user to illuminate the stove or hob. Typically, extractor hoods are electronic, offering motorised height adjustment, overheat protection, thermal sensors, a filter cleaning reminder, noise cancellation and a temperature display.

Extractor hoods can also be made from many different materials, including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Nickel silver
  • Zinc
  • Tempered glass
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Heat-resistant plastic


Do I really need an extractor hood?

In short – yes, you do need an extractor hood. Since April 2006, building regulations state that extract ventilation must be fitted in a kitchen which has been built from that date onwards. A kitchen will meet these regulations if the unclean air is extracted externally. It must also provide the extraction airflow rate which is detailed in the government’s Approved Document. A kitchen will not meet these regulations if the hood only filters the air and recirculates it around the kitchen.

Can extractor hoods be stylish?

Some people find themselves worrying about how their kitchen will look after the installation of an extractor hood, as many see them as large, unattractive boxes that sit above their oven. However, with the advancements in technology, many manufacturers are able to provide their customers with modern, sleek extractor hoods that will do nothing but enhance the look of your kitchen.

The benefits of an extractor hood

There are many benefits to having an extractor hood installed, that don’t just involve the removal of unpleasant smells. Here are some other ways you can benefit from the installation of an extractor hood:

Humidity control – extractor hoods are perfect for reducing humidity in the air, making the room feel more comfortable regardless of the amount of cooking you wish to do.

Controlling steam, fumes and odours – the fans within the extractor hood help to keep steam, odours and fumes to an absolute minimum, ensuring your kitchen, along with its occupants, are well protected from unpleasant smells and unclean air.

Heat removal – a prolonged cooking process can generate uncomfortable amounts of heat. It can be quite unpleasant, especially on a warm day, but an extractor hood will be able to aid in cooling down your kitchen, subsequently bringing it down to a temperature you’re comfortable with.

Maintaining walls and ceilings – an extractor hood can help, indirectly, with the maintenance of your walls and ceilings. When exposed to copious amounts of steam, smoke and other fumes, wallpaper can begin to peel and paint can become discoloured – likewise with your ceiling. An extractor hood will ensure your home decor remains pristine, as all smoke and steam will be effectively extracted from the room, without the need to open a window.

Improved lighting – many extractor hoods have built-in lights which can be turned on and off when required. Often, the extractor itself doesn’t need to be activated in order to use the light, and nor does the light need to be on to use the extractor. It’s an incredibly helpful feature for those who require a little extra light when cooking on your hob.

Increases property value – if you’re looking to make a tidy profit on your home when you eventually come to sell, consider installing an extractor hood. This has slowly become a selling point for many looking to buy, so you may well stand a better chance when selling up.

If you’re looking to have an extractor hood installed in your kitchen, then our team of highly-experienced, fully-trained technicians will be able to help. From state-of-the-art models to more basic, practical hoods, our experts will be able to install them in a timely manner with skill and precision. To book an appointment with us, get in touch with a member of our friendly team – we’re always happy to help. Once an appointment has been booked, you’ll have full use of our ‘My Repair’ service. Simply log in using your job number and postcode and you’ll be able to change appointment times, see a photo of your engineer and an accurate time window in which to expect them.

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