Choosing The Right Detergent For Your Washing Machine

Washing clothes is something everyone has to do, with the washing machine proving itself to be a timesaving appliance when it comes to this chore. The only thing you really need to do is choose the right detergent to go with your clothes in the wash.

With this in mind, in this article we’ll be taking a look at how you can choose the right detergent for your needs, budget and personal preferences.

Choosing The Right Detergent For Your Washing Machine - Domex Ltd

Bio or Non-Bio?

One of the biggest decisions, and one which often confuses some people, is whether you should be using biological or non-biological washing detergents.

The simple answer is that the choice is a personal one. Biological washing products contain enzymes which help in the natural breakdown of stains and muck such as oil, starch and blood. Not only that, but it allows you to select a lower temperature for your wash.

However, biological agents can often prove irritable for those with sensitive skin. In this instance, non-bio products are preferable, but require a warmer wash to tackle any really soiled clothes.

Most brands should state quite clearly which type their detergent is on the packaging.


Pretty much all washing machines come with a drawer for inserting detergent, often carrying a power specific portion of the drawer. Powders have long been a staple in many homes, coming in both bio and non-bio formats to provide excellent cleaning. You can buy this detergent type in bulk too, making it slightly cheaper than the rest.

The one drawback of this is the mess powder can make. Creating a gunky residue or even simply clinging and hardening to the inside of the drawer, you’ll need to clean out the drawer regularly to maintain your washing machine if you use powders.

Liquids & Gels

With high standards of performance and less hassle to use, it’s little wonder that liquids and gels have grown in popularity. These types of detergents are also great for low temperature washes due to the fact that they can get to work more quickly.


Tablets are simply a powder. You are still required to put them in the drawer and they can still leave residue which will need cleaning, they are simply making control over how much you use easier and reducing the risk of spilling loose powder.

Capsules & Liquid Pockets

Similar in their contents to a liquid or gel, but packaged to make things as simple as possible. Simply throw these in with your wash and you’re away. The only downside, according to some concerned consumers, is that young children mistake these for sweets – something parents should consider when storing and using these items.

Choosing a fragrance

A key consideration for many people, the smells of a detergent on clothes can be a dealbreaker. This is all down to personal preference of course, with smells ranging from the standard lavender, to the exotic lime and hibiscus scent.

If you’re washing machine isn’t utilising the power of your detergent, your drawer is broken or jammed, or if you find your washing machine smells despite the use of fragrant products, look no further than Domex. Give us a call on 020 3124 1872 or book a repair online today.