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Beko washing machine error codes and troubleshooting

When it comes to the Turkish brand Beko, you know that it’s an extremely popular brand of washing machines. However, sometimes your washing machine may not function properly or optimally. This is why you need to know how to identify Beko washing machine fault codes before you call in an experienced repair engineer to take a look at the problem. Diagnosis is the first step and it will help you get your washing machine back on track in no time. So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the most common error codes to help you make more informed decisions.


Beko washing machine error codes

Below are some of the most frequently encountered Beko washing machine error codes that you should be aware of so that you know how to troubleshoot the issue or at the very least, convey the information to your repair engineer when they are taking a look. 


Error code E1

This error code signals an NTC error or a problem with your thermistor wiring. In general, for Beko washing machines, when the wiring connection is checked, the reading should be 4,700 ohms at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius,


Error code E2

This is a heater-related error that is most likely related to a wiring issue. In such a case, the problem could be more complex to resolve and it’s advisable to get in touch with an experienced Beko washing machine engineer. 


Error code E3

Another issue to be examined by a professional, the E3 error code refers to a problem with the heater as with error code E2. However, this is an indication of a continuous stream of heat and the control board could be the culprit here. 


Error code E4

When you see error code E4 on your Beko washing machine, it is an indication that your appliance will not fill with water. You can try an easy troubleshooting tip such as checking for door jams. However, it could also be a more complicated problem that is related to the water valve and/or the wiring. 


Error code E5

An E5 error code is a signal that you are faced with a drainage issue. You should first check if your pump filter is blocked. On the other hand, you may need professional help as it could also be a signal that your control board is malfunctioning.


Error code E6

This error code is an indication of a problem with your washing machine’s motor. In most cases, you’ll notice that your appliance is jumping or shaking during a wash cycle, which is generally abnormal behaviour. As such, it’s advisable to get in touch with your Beko washing machine engineer to help you resolve the problem. 


Error code E7

This is a sensor-related issue. A frequently encountered warning sign is if your washing machine empties whenever you attempt to start it. Alternatively, the cycle may not begin at all. Once again, it’s recommended that you get in touch with a professional. 


Error code E8

If your Beko washing machine is displaying this error code, the problem will result in the appliance not filling with water. This could be caused by a number of different factors, which a professional engineer should be able to address. 


Error code E9

This error code is an indication of a problem with the door lock. To troubleshoot this issue yourself, simply check for obstructions near the door such as clothes that may have jammed there. If this doesn’t work, consider calling in a professional because the door lock problem could be more serious. 


Error code E10

Error code E10 is related to a door jam issue. This could be resolved easily by checking for obstructions. 


Error code E11

A motor-related error code, this is something that you’ll want to leave to the professionals. 


Error code E17

A relatively easy error to address, this code signifies that an excessive amount of foam has been detected. You can resolve this by clearing the foam, running a rinse cycle, and not overloading the washing machine with too much detergent during a wash cycle. 


Error code E18

If you see this code, it means that your washing machine has detected an uneven load. To address this, simply stop the cycle, reload the clothes in the washing machine and restart it.


Concluding remarks

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