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Appliances Affected By Fire

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One of the scariest things which can happen in your home is for an appliance to catch on fire. Whether this is because of an electrical issue with the appliance itself, or because of a fire which has started elsewhere on the premises, the results are much the same. Damage to your appliances caused by fire can leave your home or your business devastated.

Depending on the severity of the fire, you will probably be wondering what you can do to rectify the situation and whether your appliances can be rescued. In this article we’ll talk about what you should do in the event of a fire which damages your appliances.

What do I do if my appliances have been affected by fire?

Most homes and businesses will be covered for fire under their insurance policy, so the first thing to remember is not to panic and rush into a burning building. Always contact the fire services if the blaze is one which is out of control.

Once allowed back into the property, or if the fire was small enough for you to put out yourself, take pictures of the damage done – particularly your appliances in this instance. Do not attempt to start your appliances, especially gas appliances, until they have been inspected by a professional.

Who do I contact about fire damage to my appliances?

As above, the fire services should be called first, then you can contact your insurers once the fire has been taken care of. From here your insurers should arrange for your appliances, among other things, to be inspected by a technician or engineer.

At this point, if your appliances can be restored to working order, you’re in the clear. Fire and high humidity can short out any electronics, so if any of your appliances don’t survive, you will need to make a claim with your insurers for replacement units. It’s vital to ensure that your insurers provide costs for a make and model of the appliance as close as possible to the original.

What about smoke damage to my appliances?

Most appliances won’t break down due to smoke damage, but it can obviously be unsightly if there are charred, scorched or left covered in soot. The former two types of damage will mean you are due replacement appliances where they cannot be restored, but the latter can actually be dealt with.

Specialist cleaning products can help get rid of soot and ash from surfaces, bringing your appliances back to life. Whether you have to perform this task yourself, or whether it’s covered in your insurance, will be down to who you’re with and what cover you have.

How to prevent appliance fires in future

Regardless of whether the fire on your premises or in your home was due to your appliances, it’s always a good idea to have regular maintenance and PAT testing for your oven, washing machines, fridge, freezer and other essential appliances. Qualified engineers will be able to spot faults before they develop into something more devastating, with repairs available if you spot a fault with any appliance yourself.

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