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How to Clean Your Oven

Get your oven fully functional once again with our quality oven repairs in Coventry 

Ovens are an essential and functional part of any modern household. That’s why when they break down or stop working altogether, you have a challenge on your hands. Some of the most common problems that a broken or malfunctioning oven can present include the door not closing due to a broken oven seal, incorrect temperature settings resulting in overcooked or undercooked meals, and of course, there could be a more significant problem such as an issue with the oven control panel, which may either need repairs or replacing. 

In any of these cases and more, when your oven is not working as it should, you need a professional to carry out your oven repairs in Coventry. While many on the market may say that they will be able to do your repair job, few offer as comprehensive a service as we at Domex do.

With us, you can get your oven fully functional once again with our high-quality domestic appliance repairs in Coventry. Our service is backed by a 12-month guarantee on the fault repaired and/or spare parts fitted. And when it comes to spare parts, rest assured that you don’t need to wait for days or weeks for them to be ordered and arrive. Instead, your assigned Domex engineer will bring those along with them in their van to ensure you aren’t inconvenienced. 

We strive to keep all our customers happy with the quality of our workmanship. It is not only swift and efficient, it is also backed by a quality guarantee that few in the industry can claim to stand by and offer. What’s more is that as a multi-award winning household appliance repairs service provider, we have become the go-to and a trusted household name in the community. When you choose Domex for your oven repairs, you’re choosing among the industry’s best.

As part of our appliance repairs in Coventry, you can count on our team of over 70 engineers to repair practically any make or model of oven. We have over 40 brands in our portfolio meaning that whichever type of oven you have, our engineers will be able to accurately diagnose the problem and attend to fixing it efficiently and professionally. 

As part of our service to you, we strive to ensure that we keep all follow-up visits to a minimum. This means that nearly four out of every five repair jobs we carry out are completed within just one visit. In this way, we ensure that you aren’t kept waiting or wasting your time with spare parts to arrive or for the service to end up being carried out over several days. This is reserved for a few occasions only when necessary.

In addition to the above, we are an Approved Service Partner to many global household appliance manufacturers, which means that they trust us with the repairs of their white products. As such, we have become a trusted partner not only to global brands but to many customers in our community. In fact, hundreds of our customers have rated our service as exceptional on Trustpilot, leaving glowing ratings and reviews for our engineers and service offering. 

With us at Domex, your oven is in excellent hands and you can enjoy its extended longevity and restored functionality and ensure that you can cook up a storm for the members of your household once again. Don’t let a faulty oven lead to days of microwaved meals. Enjoy delicious home-cooked meals once again with a working and optimally functioning appliance once again.

Your oven repairs in Barras Heath taken care of by experienced engineers

No one understands better than we at Domex what a pain a faulty oven means for you. It’s not only the inability to cook as and when you need or want to. It’s also time taken out of your busy schedule to organise a service appointment and it’s an unplanned expense that can put you out of pocket. With us at Domex though, you can consider your oven repairs in Barras Heath well-taken care of as we not only offer same-day and next-day appointments for emergencies but our regular weekday slots are also open for you at your convenience. 

When you choose Domex to carry out your oven repairs, you can also count on the exceptional professionalism of our trusted engineers. Highly skilled and knowledgeable about practically every brand of oven out there, these engineers also go through some of the most rigorous and thorough internal training available that not only meets but exceeds the industry standards. 

As such, you can rely on excellent workmanship, accurate diagnostics and precise troubleshooting to leave you with a fully functional oven once again. Apart from this, you can avail of our 12-month quality guarantee on faults repaired and/or spare parts fitted, meaning you can enjoy greater peace of mind and service satisfaction with your oven repairs today.

More peace of mind with guaranteed oven repairs in Hillfields 

Very few companies claiming to be appliance repair specialists can put a stamp of quality or a guarantee on the work that they carry out. In some cases, they offer no guarantees while in others, it’s limited to six months or less. With Domex, your oven repairs in Hillfields are now expertly carried out as we provide a 12-month guarantee on the faults repaired and/or spare parts fitted to ensure longer service satisfaction and the extended longevity of your appliance.

When it comes to your service, you can always count on us for professionalism. For example, your assigned Domex engineer will give you a call up to 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment and they will arrive in a fully stocked van that contains all the spare parts needed to carry out your oven repair service. All this is done to ensure that you aren’t kept waiting and that your day is as minimally disrupted as possible when your oven breaks down or stops working altogether. 

All that you need to do to book your appointment is to give us a call or book online through the form on our website. Our friendly and experienced team is on standby and ready to help. With us, you can choose a same-day or next-day service, or book a regular appointment through the regular working hour appointments that we have available. Our team of experienced engineers is known as among the best in the industry and whether you simply need routine maintenance or a thorough service, you can count on us for a job that’s expertly done.

An Approved Service Partner for you oven repairs in Keresley Heath

At Domex, we don’t just provide a 12-month quality guarantee on the fault repaired and/or spare parts fitted when you need oven repairs in Keresley Heath. We also give you our full assurance that we are a reliable appliance repair service provider that is trusted across the board. As part of the testament to this, we are an Approved Service Partner to many global household appliance brands and manufacturers, meaning that they trust us to maintain and repair their white household goods. This, together with the extensive training and experience of our team of over 70 engineers means that you have a solid combination of skills that culminates in the best foundation for an oven repair or maintenance service.

When you choose us, you are choosing experienced engineers who have gone through some of the most intensive training in the industry. As such, they’re able to repair ovens of over 40 well-known brands that we have in our portfolio. But in addition to this, our engineers are courteous and professional and will give you a call up to 30 minutes before their scheduled arrival to ensure no inconvenience to you. They will also arrive in their vans, which are fully equipped with a range of the necessary tools and spare parts so as to ensure that you do not waste time with follow-up visits and delays in having your oven repaired.

Simply give us a call to book your professional service today. Alternatively, book your service through the easy-to-use online form on our website. Choose a same-day, next-day or regular service appointment throughout the week and our team will do everything possible to help resolve your oven malfunctions or repair needs.

Why Choose Domex Appliance Services?

Fast, Reliable Service

We offer same-day and next day visits. With our outstanding first-time fix rate, 4 out of 5 repairs only need one visit.

Great Value

We quote diagnostic and repair fees separately. You only pay the repair fee if we fix your appliance. If we can’t, you just pay for the diagnostic.

You Are in Control

Choose the day and time for us to visit, and we will send you a 3 hour window when our engineer is due to arrive.
20+years ofexperience

We Are Experts

We know appliances and how to repair them. This is why we are trusted by most major manufacturers to be their service partner.


You get an industry leading 12 months guarantee on your repair including any electrical / mechanical (non-cosmetic) parts we fit.


Our experienced engineers are DBS (CRB) checked, trained comprehensively. We have awesome reviews, incredible service scores and multiple awards!

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