What We Look For In Our Colleagues

We truly believe that the great work we do here is a product of the great individuals that make up our team. While our engineers may work solo, everything we do is a group effort. This is why – no matter what role you fill – the work you do with us and for our customers will always be recognised and valued.

When we’re looking for new recruits to join the Domex family, we look beyond what your CV has to say – we want to learn about you. Specifically, we think that these characteristics are what make a great fit our team:

  • Dependability We prize honesty and reliability above all. To become an integral member of the Domex family, you must be able to put the interests of the team above everything, and in turn, the team will support you. It’s reciprocal.
  • A can-do attitude We firmly believe that attitude is far more important than talent, and that belief is the foundation for our success. If we fail, we remain positive, adapt and try again. We can teach you the skills, but persistence is a virtue you must develop yourself.
  • ProfessionalismFor us, professionalism isn’t about who you are or what degree you have, it’s about following the rules and processes which have made Domex so successful. This is why we take it easy on new starters, so we can give them the time to build the right habits and make the right decisions.
  • Pride We don’t mean arrogance – all that we ask is that you our proud to become a part of the Domex family.

If you have any questions about the qualities we look for in our candidates, or the recruitment process itself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. We’re always looking for bright and positive people to join the fold!