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Slow Cooker Month

Start 2017 right by cooking more for you and your family. A slow cooker is a great way to get freshly cooked meat and veg without the hassle of standing over the oven.

1st: New Year’s Day

2017 is nearly upon us, so why not make a New Year’s Resolution to eat healthy in the New Year – even if it doesn’t last the whole of 2017.

2nd: National Buffet Day

Ideal for any late parties – or to help get rid of any leftover party food – National Buffet day is a great excuse to feast on a variety of foods.

4th: Spaghetti Day 

A classic Italian ingredient, try mixing up your cooking by introducing different sauces, meats and vegetables to your spaghetti dish when cooking today.

5-8th: CES Consumer Electronic Show (Las Vegas)

One of the greatest displays of all the new and upcoming technology for consumer electronics stateside, including household appliances from big names.

5th: Yorkshire Pudding Day

A classic staple of the Sunday Dinner, take some time on Yorkshire Pudding Day to add some fluffy, crisp yorkies to your sunday roast. Top tip: heat your oven in advance and whisk some air into your mixture!

14th: Valentine’s Day

Cook for that special person in your life as a truly meaningful Valentine’s Day gift this year.

27th-12th: Fairtrade Fortnight

Show your support for farmers and workers around the world by using only Fairtrade food products to cook with – you can even make Fairtrade chocolate cake!

28th: Pancake Day / Shrove

Experiment with different pancakes this Shrove Tuesday. Try fluffy American pancakes or the traditional Galette crepe, you can even toy with savoury and sweet toppings.

20th: First Day Spring / Spring Equinox

It’s that time of year again to freshen up your home and give everything a spruce. Throw that pile of washing in your washing machine, vacuum the house from top to bottom and put all your cutlery and crockery through the dishwasher to blow away the cobwebs.

24th – 9th: Ideal Home Show

The annual Ideal Home Show is a great way to get inspiration for your home. At Olympia London, there will be something for your garden, kitchen and every other room in the house – with special guests to be announced.

24th: Red Nose Day

Get your baking hat on for Red Nose Day and raise money for a great cause. Taking baked goods into your work or to your local fair is a great way to get people giving.

26th: Clocks Change

Don’t forget to put the clocks forward on your oven, microwave and any other appliance which requires manual operation.

26th: Mother’s Day

Let your mum take the weight of her feet this Mother’s Day. Cook a nice meal for the family, or, alternatively, treat her to tea, cakes and sandwiches rather than the traditional chocolates and flowers.

1st: International Fun at work day

Work isn’t always a barrel of laughs, but this international day promotes fun in the workplace. There are many ways you can inject some excitement into your day at work, but what better way of cheering everyone up than by whipping up a batch of cakes?

19th: National Garlic Day

Garlic is a potent ingredient used in many cuisines, and what better time than National Garlic Day to experiment by adding it to your cooking. There are plenty of great recipes around online if you need inspiration.

22nd: Earth Day

Environmental issues are at the heart of Earth Day, raising awareness of how we can all reduce our impact on the environment. It’s a good time to consider your household appliances, are they energy efficient? Do you waste water with your washing machine or dishwasher at half capacity?

23rd: London Marathon

Running a marathon takes a lot of training and willpower, but it will also require snacks which release energy slowly. For this year’s London Marathon, make sure you’ve baked some flapjacks – try adding seeds for a natural boost.

19th: Landlord Law Conference

Taking place Sprowston Manor Hotel in Norwich, this law conference for landlords is packed full of special speakers, covering a whole host of topics including tenancy agreements and regulations for landlords.

TBC: Food Safety Week

Ensuring that you eat and cook in a safe manner is important, the bacteria which can grow, particularly on meat, can sometimes be deadly. For Food Safety Week you’ll find a whole host of tips on their website.

13th – 14th: exclusively electric London

At the British Design Centre in London this year, appliance suppliers will be showcasing some of the latest innovations for your home.

18th: Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, why not treat your Dad by cooking his favourite meal. It’ll make a great change from socks and handkerchiefs and is a personal gift from you.

20th: First Day of Summer / Summer Equinox

It’s finally time for the summer weather hit, meaning you can be a lot surer when hanging your washing out on the line during the day. This saves you from using your tumble dryer and is better for your house.



National Ice Cream Month

Get your freezers ready – it’s National Ice Cream month. You can defrost and clean your freezer in preparation if you’re planning to celebrate this great holiday in the British summer.

12th: Pecan Pie

A sweet, nutty treat, the origins of the Pecan Pie are thought to be in the southeastern USA. There are plenty of twists on this classic pie online if you’re keen on being imaginative.

23rd: Hot Dog Day

Hot dogs aren’t the healthiest snack, but they’re a real crowd pleaser at barbecues and are easy to produce. Add some cooked onion as a tasty garnish for your hot dogs to celebrate Hot Dog Day.

29th: Lasagne Day

Garfield’s favourite snack, lasagne is a traditional Italian meal and when it’s made right it can be an absolute delight. Try making your own lasagne at home to celebrate Lasagne Day.

Family Fun Month

Family fun month in August means spending more time together with your family, enjoying life. Whether you choose to do this at home or by taking day trips to local attractions and events, it’s a great way to bond.

Water Quality Month

In response to Water Quality Month this August, pay close attention to your appliances which use water. Have your washing machine and dishwasher checked for signs of damage caused by poor water quality, helping to prolong the life of your appliance.

1st – 6th: IFA Berlin

Taking place at the Messe in Berlin, the IFA is one of Europe’s most prestigious trade shows. There are special areas, including Tech Watch and Smart Home, where you’re likely to see some of the latest technology for your home.

13th: Kids take of the kitchen day

Ever wondered what it would be like if the kids had control over the kitchen? Well wonder no more, the 13th of September is the day the kids get to practise cooking and baking – just ensure there is an adult to oversee the safety of the day and encourage the kids to learn.

18th – 24th Gas Safety Week

 Many homes still feature gas appliances, something which makes Gas Safety Week in September even more poignant. Have your appliances checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer to ensure your home is safe.

22nd: Autumn Equinox

It’s time to have the tumble dryer checked over once more. With autumn bringing cold and damp weather, you’ll need a way to dry the majority of your clothes without chancing it on the weatherman’s recommendation.

TBC: Home Safety Week

Your home should be your sanctuary, providing you and your family with a safe place to relax and unwind. Gearing up for the winter, it would pay to take part in Home Safety Week, checking everything in your home is in order, from the locks on your window to whether your children could injure themselves on broken or splintered furniture.

Pizza Month

You’ll be hard pressed to find people who don’t enjoy a hot slice of pizza, and with October being Pizza Month you’ll have plenty of opportunities to try out your own recipes at home.

29th: Clocks Change

The clocks go back in October, so be sure to update the time on your oven, microwave and any other appliance which requires a manual adjustment.

31st: Halloween

Halloween may have become slightly Americanised in the UK, but it’s still a great time to cook up some creepy treats in the kitchen to hand out to Trick or Treaters or for your very own Halloween party..

23rd: Thanksgiving

Although this is an American tradition, the gastronomical portion of the holiday has started to impact us in the UK. Why not celebrate with our cousins in the US by cooking up snacks and treats while watching a game or two from the NFL.

24th: Black Friday

This annual event causes a frenzy each year, but if you’re a savvy shopper you might be able to upgrade some of your appliances while the prices are low.

TBC: Children in Need

Children In Need is one of the many great causes in the UK. Held every November, you could get involved simply by baking some treats at home and raising money at work or in school.

TBC: Electrical Fire Safety Week

We often taken the electrical safety of our appliances for granted, but all electrical items require testing and maintenance to ensure they stay safe. For Electrical Fire Safety Week, take the time to book in a professional to look over your appliances.

TBC: Landlord Day

It’s tough being a landlord at times, but on Landlord Day it’s a good time to acknowledge the better side of the job. If you have properties where the appliances require maintenance, ensure it’s carried out to protect your tenants.

1st: Xmas

With December upon us, we’re usually opening our chocolate advent calendars, but this year you could go one better and create a 25 day advent for your appliances. Come up with little chores you haven’t gotten around to, such as cleaning or maintenance, and break it down into small parts for each day.

21st: First Day of Winter  / Winter Equinox

Winter is officially here, bringing with it the holiday season and some very cold weather. If you’re planning on cooking for the whole family this Christmas, make sure your oven is ready to take the strain!