typeWhile you might not give much thought to the type of washing machine you’d like for your home, there are several to choose from and each comes with it’s own benefits – it’s all about which suits your needs best.


Most homes have a freestanding washing machine and more often than not it’s simply out in the open. This is useful for gaining access to, and setting up the pipework at the back of your unit and it gives you flexibility when it comes to rearranging your setup. Bear in mind also that if your front loader machine vibrates and wobbles a lot, a freestanding unit is easier to adjust and won’t damage anything.


A lot of people prefer to have all their appliances in their kitchen or utility room integrated in some way. You can also have a concealed front loading washing machine in the same way, with a standard panel door you close to hide the unit. Remember, however, this might make it more difficult for maintenance further down the line.


This is, again, a front loading machine but instead of being fully hidden away in your units it has a panel to match your other units with a gap for you to get to the console and the buttons. The same considerations you have for a fully integrated unit apply here also.

Top Loaders

You might most associate top loading washing machines with American television shows, but they are also available here in the UK. Often narrower than their American counterparts they are ideal if you don’t have enough width for a front loading machine and if you don’t want to stoop to load your washing into the drum.

Think About Your Design…

If your kitchen is already designed to accept a freestanding unit then this is your best bet, don’t go forcing an appliance in where it isn’t wanted. On the flip side of this, if you’re planning a new a kitchen, it’s the ideal time to look at integrated appliances to preserve the look of your kitchen and the design of your units.