spin cyclesThe spin cycle on your washing machine refers to the spins per minute (or revolutions per minute: RPM). Most washing machines now come with a variety of speeds for you to select, helping to protect your more delicate clothes or wring out other clothes more efficiently.

  • Speeds between 1000 – 1800 rpm are suited to cottons
  • Speeds between 400 – 800 rpm are better for delicate and synthetic clothes

Don’t be fooled by thinking that higher speeds will dry your washing faster. It can cost more to get a washing machine which has a 1800 rpm spin cycle, but some won’t give you any greater efficiency than if you set it to 1200 rpm.

By spinning the inner drum and creating a centrifugal effect, the clothes are wrung out by sheer force, with the moisture seeping through the small holes in your drum. To ensure the clothes are all wrung evenly, the drum will try to distribute the weight as best as possible before beginning a spin cycle.

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