Size and Measurements

Full Appliance Size Think about where you’d like your washing machine to be installed. Is there enough room? The best thing to do before you go and choose your new washing machine is to measure the dimensions of the space you have allocated for the appliance. It needs to fit comfortably and it needs to be located where you can connect the pipes to the waste water outlet.

An easy trick for if your new washing machine is going in the same place as the old one is to measure the old appliance, as you can use this as a rough guide for your next purchase.

Drum Size

Aside from the fact that you need the appliance to fit into your home, you also need to take note of the drum size. This is important as it will inform how large a load you can put on to wash. Most washing machine manufacturers will state the drum size in kg, so it’s handy to remember that 1kg is roughly the equivalent of 5 t-shirts.

washing machine sizes

However many people you have in your house, don’t be put off from getting the larger drummed washing machines, just check that they have settings which allow you to wash a smaller load when you need to. Some washing machines will also have dedicated settings for duvets

Think about duvet sizes

With a large enough drum you can wash your duvets, but you need a 6kg drum at the minimum to wash a single size duvet. The bigger the drum, the bigger the duvet which you can wash – all the way up to a king size.