Cold Fill

cold fillThe debate rages on when it comes to cold fill washing machines. Once upon a time every washing machine had the option to be a hot fill appliance, taking hot water direct from your boiler system to aid with your washing, but manufacturers now claim that they have removed this option for the benefit of consumers and the environment.

Cold fill washing machines are now the standard, with manufacturers claiming that hot water kills the enzymes in your washing detergent which are supposed to tackle dirt and germs. The counter-argument is that this is simply a way for manufacturers to the remove cost of having the additional fittings for a hot water unit.

Regardless of what the real reason is, a cold fill washing machine will suffice for many people, the only thing to really consider is whether this will impact anyone in your family who has a skin condition – these can be aggravated if clothes are not washed at a high enough temperature.

Think About Solar Power

A hot fill appliance would normally take water from your boiler system, putting additional strain on your energy bills. However, if you have solar power for some of your hot water then linking this to your washing machine could be useful in the spring and summer months.