washer dryerHaving been around for quite some time now – since the 1950s in fact – washer dryers are nothing new and are pretty self explanatory. They’ve been developed over decades to bring efficiency to doing the laundry in a busy household.


One of the biggest advantages for washer dryers is the fact that you save on space. One appliance takes up far less room than two, meaning you maximise the space in your kitchen or utility. This is great if you have a small household and need to get through your laundry quickly.

Washer dryers still come with the same features combined from each appliance, but the more you pay the more features and functions you will get. If there is a particular kind of wash you need then keep an eye out for it on the features list.


With a smaller drum size you’ll find there is a very specific drawback to having a washer dryer. You simply won’t be able to fit as many clothes in your drum and therefore will find yourself doing more loads which could slow down your progress.

If you have a large household then you might find yourself wanting to surge your way through your washing only to be scuppered by the backlog being broken into small loads. It’s important to think about the practicalities of a washer dryer and whether it suits your family and their habits.

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