typeChoosing which type of tumble dryer to buy can be tricky when there are so many brands, but you only really have two things to think about in terms of the way the machine loads.

Front Loading

A front loading tumble dryer is traditionally the most popular model here in the UK, allowing it to be situated under a countertop on stacked onto a unit.

Top Loading

A more classic design which will be more familiar to Americans, the top loading tumble dryer is perfect if you’re placing the dryer in another room or into a recess without a counter top.

As well as looking at the way the appliance is loaded you should think about what type of door you want to have on your tumble dryer. There are several different ways you can go, the front loading machines particularly have a few options including doors which look similar to circular washing machine doors and square fronted panel doors. Top loading machines generally have a standard flat top lid which you lift to load.

It all depends on your personal preference and where you intend to install the appliance.

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