Size and Measurments

size measurementsMuch like with their washing counterparts, tumble dryers can come in variety of sizes. You’ll usually see this detailed in kilograms and as a rule of thumb you should view a kilogram as equally one average outfit of trousers, socks, underwear and a top.

Ranging from the mini sized 3kg drum up to around 9kg, you can find the right size tumble dryer for your home, but remember not to overload the drum with a full wash as this will mean you need to give the clothes longer to dry and they will come out more crumpled. A stainless steel drum is also preferable as it lowers the risk of clothes snagging whilst being tumbled.

The other reason to consider the size of your appliance is for choosing where you’ll locate it. Take measurements of the space in which you want to place your tumble dryer, including width, height and depth – this is especially key if your new appliance is replacing an old one under a counter top.

Think About Recycling

If your new unit does replace your old one then have a look at whether the delivery company will take away the old unit and recycle it. Having two large appliances in your home with the same purpose is pointless and makes it tricky to install the new one. You may have to pay extra but it saves you the hassle and helps the environment.