Given how long tumble dryers have beheat pump technologyen around it’s surprising that new technology wasn’t introduced sooner. In an effort to help people reduce their energy consumption and costs – with many people unable to afford the running costs of a tumble dryer – heat pump technology has been integrated into tumble dryers.

How It Works

  1. Firstly, the heated, dry air is sent into the drum to begin the drying process
  2. The heated air picks up the moisture and is taken out of the drum and sent towards the evaporator
  3. Once the moisture has been taken out at the coolant phase the left over heated air is used to turn the coolant into a gas
  4. The gas is passed into a compressor which causes it to rise and is passed on to the condenser to aid in the heating process
  5. The gas then turns back into a liquid and is fed back into the coolant phase to help with evaporation Using a heat pump aided tumble dryer could see you use 50% less energy in comparison to standard models.

By recycling the heat of your tumble dryer you’ll save money and reduce your carbon footprint in the long run, however, you may end up laying out more money on this technology initially.

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